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A Look back with Evelyn Kuhn by Damien Neva

A couple times per month we will be sitting down with models from decades past to look back on their modeling careers. With the help of Patty Sicular, of the Ford Models’ classic division, we will bring you the story of the models that made history with Ford Models. ‒ Ford Models Blog Editor

Model Evelyn Kuhn first met Eileen Ford in Berlin and later traveled to New York in 1966 where she began modeling for Ford Models. Over the years Evelyn has featured in several magazines editorial shoots, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar amongst her favorite, as well as campaigns with Revlon and Cover Girl Cosmetics. She has been photographed by a number of photographers, but her favorites include Richard Avedon, Francesco Scavullo, Art Kane, Melvin Sokolsky, and Rico Puhlman.

Evelyn particularly enjoyed traveling during her modeling career. Photo shoots in warm climates such as the Canary Islands, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, and Japan were principle amongst her favorite destinations.

Apart from modeling Evelyn has run a gift shop located in Greenwich, Connecticut that specializes in silk and dried flower arrangements for the past 17 years. She stays in such great shape by eating healthy and getting plenty of sleep.

Evelyn Kuhn | VOGUE

Evelyn Kuhn | VOGUE

Evelyn Kuhn | STERN

Evelyn Kuhn | STERN



Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn



Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn

Evelyn Kuhn today

Evelyn Kuhn today at her gift shop in Greenwich, Connecticut

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Comment by elizabeth

Love th vintage covers!!! She still looks Marv!!!

Comment by Green Tease

Evelyn Kuhn is one of the all time BEAUTIFUL WOMEN of all time!!! Her beauty is timeless and her essence as a person is even more beautiful! she is a very loving and talented lady!
Gareth Green

Comment by gareth green

Evelyn, you look great….not only are you beautiful but you were one of the nicest and most professional models to work with….loved seeing those covers again!

Comment by Nancy Grigor

What a beauty Evelyn! Great to see! So happy for your continued health and success!
Sir T

Comment by Sir Terance White

Still Beautiful!

Comment by Pam French

Hi Evelyn! I am so inspired by your wonderful collection of photographs. I feel we were so lucky to have been Ford Models and you are one of the legends. I may put up some of my work too-and even some little stories of how it used to be. I do miss those days…

Comment by barbara langlois

Wow Evelyn you are so beautiful! And Barbara,I also feel so blessed to have been part of the Ford Family. I loved my 22 years there…I always looked up to you (Evelyn)as I was a Today’s Girl and I did mostly commercials,TVfood Network segments on TV and Ford got me a contract with Family Circle Magazine where i had my own colunm. I never got the famous covers of Magazines that you did!!! We called you the “Big Girls” the famous beautiful girls who we knew by only one name. You still look wonderful…please tell me where your gift shop is in Greenwich…I want to stop in. Patty why don’t you plan a reunion in the spring? Happy Belated Birthday Patty. Love to all the Girls. I am an interior designer now and just finished my first web site… I am a little slow…check it out xoxo

Comment by Kerry Whitaker

WOW! Evelyn, always beautiful, always kind, and quite the legend. I remember well the first time I met you in Rome. You inspired me, both then and now!

Comment by dianne deWitt

I love this. Evelyn Kuhn has always been one of my favorite models and I am so happy to see that she is still as beautiful as ever. Thank you for starting this wonderful “Look Back.” Now so many more people will be able to enjoy those beautiful images of my youth.

Comment by Linda Morand

it had to be on the ford blog to see you again .
happy to see that you are well and beautiful as ever .
mine should come out soon too .still happy in mexico . will try to see you in new york with patty on my next visit in 2011.for sure .

Comment by gabrielle von canal

Evelyn, you are more beautiful now than ever! So good to see this –

Comment by Bonnie Trompeter

Hey Evelyn!
You are still so stunning!
You were always an inspiration!
So very sweet and genuine,and it still comes across!
Peggy Palmer

Comment by peggy palmer

Evelyn. you are a sensuality oozing being, no matter what you do it seems.
I am not surprised people want a part of you then and now. More is yet to come as women are now starting to lead the planet.

Comment by Alexandra

Evelyn – It’s so great to see all those fabulous pictures of you. I remember many of them. I always thought you were one of the most gorgeous of the beautiful girls we worked with(and one
of the nicest). You still look great and your store looks lovely
Luv, Susie

Comment by Susie Blakely

– One of THE great beauties of all time !!! and one of the sweetest and kindest.
Love, x o

Comment by Patty

It is wonderful to read all the comments from so many beautiful women I photographed over the years. Evelyn, you always needed your beauty sleep. You had the most perfect skin, so much so that you became the standard for skin tone. You had the most beautiful smile and the warmest heart.
I still love you, Gideon Lewin

Comment by Gideon Lewin

Evelyn – I JUST NOW thought to put your name into Yahoo Search. You were my absolute FAVORITE MODEL growing up (I’m 55). You are stunning (the most BALANCED features of anyone!) and I really can’t say that there have been many models that have measured up to you since!!!


A real fan, Helen from Fort Wayne, Indiana whose mother used to get Vogue from the library truck…..

Comment by Helen

Beautiful in earlier years and even moreso now…wonderful to see her again!

Comment by Susan McGraw Keber

Next time we’re (my self and wife Evelyn)in Conneticut, we’ll have to stop in Greenwich and visit your shop

Comment by Robert Kuhn

hola, conoci a evelyn en una revista que tengo de bellexa, donde enseña a maquillar los ojos, y la encuentro muy linda, saludos desde chile, con cariño

Comment by maritza

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