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Supermodel of the World Winners by Damien Neva

We are proud to announce the winner and six runners-up for the 2009 Ford Models’ Supermodel of the World search. The winner of the Ford Models’ Supermodel of the World 2009 search is Karlina of Latvia (Baltics). Our runners-up in the following order are Charlene of the Philippines, Isabelle of Sweden, Olivia of the US, Maryna of Belarus, Grace of Australia, and finally Bruna of Brazil. Needless to say after five very full days of photo tests, walking lessons, judging, and of course samba it’s been an exhausting process, but not without rewards. Look for these models in next month in Fashion Week Fall 2010!

Karlina/LATVIA #1

Karlina/LATVIA #1



Isabelle/SWEDEN #3

Isabelle/SWEDEN #3

Olivia/USA #4

Olivia/USA #4

Maryna/BELARUS #5

Maryna/BELARUS #5



Bruna/BRAZIL #7

Bruna/BRAZIL #7


noooo venezuela was the best! 😦 angela ruiz!

Comment by memilyns

my name is Jessica…i am from Madison,South Dakota…i am nice,funny,out going,sweet,caring…i like to have fun,and i like to meet new people.i want to become ford model because its my dream to be a model and i will be anything to become a model

Comment by jessica graham

woohoo! go Philippines! I also love Sweden, Belarus & Australia!

Comment by yuichi

Maryna of belarus is amazing!! so much potential, she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Comment by brooke

Chat Almarvez! OMG Congrats, girl! Am so happy and proud of you!

Comment by Andromeda Reyes

love it!!!! pinay rocks the world of modeling!!!!

Comment by dexter alazas

congratulations to all the winners, the candidate from the Philippines is unique among the winners, she exudes the looks of the real Model of the World . Congrats to Ms Latvia who really deserve to become a winner .Latvia and Phils ,congratulations and good luck to your new career as Ford Model.

Comment by CHINKO

Wonderful selection,, and congratutaltion to winners and runner up series beauties,,

Comment by Syed

Gogogo Philippines! Let the beauty of filipina Shine!

Comment by Randy

Sweden, Australia and Brazil are the best, hands down.


Congratulations Karlina/LATVIA #1!!!
Charlene/PHILIPPINES #2,
Bruna/BRAZIL #7,
PS: You are the best of the top list!!!

Go & Rock this world! Be aware of your surroundings and learn as much as you can…Eat healthy do not get sick and nor get in troble with drugs…you could be smarter than that!!!

Comment by silvia

Totaly agree with that!
Go Karlina, go! I love You! Don’t forget Latvia and your friends!

Comment by Rasma, Mandy

Congratulations to the winners most especially to Ms pHilippines Charlene* Cheers***

Comment by raymond

Congratulations Charlene.. Truly a pride of the Filipinos worldwide.

Comment by kyle

I’m proud of you, Chat! Rock the whole world! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Comment by CATA

Can’t wait for Chat to wow the whole world even more.

Comment by Mark

Congrats to the winners

Comment by Tiffany

Congratz Philippines! you deserve to be the 1st runner-up! when will the contest be shown here in the Philippines? MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!

Comment by jec

Absolutely gorgeous – The Philippines – fresh, innocent looks, very natural, unspoiled beauty. Congratulations, Philippines! Great batch of winners, beautiful, all beautiful.

Comment by Dino Montevideo

Congratulations, Chat from the Philippines!

Comment by Albert

Congratulations to all. Go Pinay!

Comment by Kat

Congrats on all the winners. Where is malaysia *sob*

Comment by Danial

Congratulations to the winners! Chat, you rock!

Comment by Elgs

good job olivia! you are amazingly gorgeous!!!!!!! 🙂
you so should have won! ;D

Comment by kaley

i soo agree! you are soo pretty olivia

Comment by betty

Congratulations Charlene! we are proud of you.

Comment by Liza


Comment by Liza

mabuhay ka, Charlene. another feather on our country!! keep it up, girl

Comment by jane

congratulation charlene………. you are truly a Filipino pride…..Mabuhay ka…..

Comment by willy laygo

everyone of them deserves to win. although they have to be arrange from 1 to 7. they all lovely and deserves to be called super models.

Comment by malone

Filipino rulez! 😀

Comment by ami

team pilipinas 😀

Comment by ami

Go Philippines….

Comment by JOyce Dela cerna

soooo sooooo amazing—all of them are so pretty but still i am proud to be a filipino congratulations charlene and goodluck!

Comment by richelle

wohooo nice one Charlene, iba tayo eh!!!^^,

Comment by Charlene

Congratulations Charlene….a beauty with the “it” factor…go girl rock the fashion world…we’re sooo proud of you!!!

Comment by mercyme

You made us proud Chat!!!!Despite of all misfortunes and catastrophes we experienced, you shed light and hope to all Filipinos…keep up the good work!!!It only shows that Asians are competitive and we can showcase our God-given talent,beauty and grace. Goodluck to your future endeavors especially to your modeling career

Comment by Honey Queencie

Truly, Charlene represents the aura of a modern Filipina. Proud to be Pinoy!

Comment by Amir

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