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A Look back with Renée Simonsen by Damien Neva
23 February 2010, 10:38
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A couple times per month we will be sitting down with models from decades past to look back on their modeling careers. With the help of Patty Sicular, of the Ford Models’ classic division, we will bring you the story of the models that made history with Ford Models. ‒ Ford Models Blog Editor

Renée Simonsen of Denmark began her modeling career with Ford Models when in 1982 she won the Face of the Eighties model search, the predecessor to the Supermodel of the World competition. What began with an otherwise fortuitous entry into the international model search rapidly developed into a successful modeling career in print, runway, and television. Renée went into modeling with the hopes of earning enough money for university and achieved it by considerable distance. Covers of Vogue, magazine editorials, campaigns, Renée did it all throughout the decade. She left modeling at 24 and continued her studies. Today, mother of four, Renée is educated as a psychologist, works full time as a writer for magazine and newspapers, and has published over thirteen books mostly for children.

Look through Renée’s pictures, her countless Vogue covers, and even a Roxy Music album cover (The Atlantic Years: 1973-1980) and you can truly see the face of the 1980s.

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

Renée Simonsen

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Love Renee Simonsen. I have many of those issues with her angel-like face on the cover, in crates with similar publications from that time in my bedroom! Renee Simonsen is the “personification” of FORD’s TOP MODEL status in the mid-eighties. Models of today should study her for her grace & beauty–she is definitely an icon.

Comment by Blogger Tia Walker

This is wonderful.

Comment by Carol Oliveto

Thanks patty, Great to see such glamour!!

Comment by dore hammond

What a great idea to do “look backs” over models work and what they have done since modeling. Congratulations on setting the bar higher. Peter Marlowe.

Comment by Peter Marlowe

Patty, What fun to see Renee’s gorgeous face. She’s a beauty. Thanks! Marilyn

Comment by Marilyn Clark

Patty ,Renee is gorgeous. Babette

Comment by babette beatty

how fabulous was she……….

Comment by harry king

Thanks Patty!
I always loved her look, and always looked up to her. She is a TRUE beauty!

Comment by Wanda Brickner

Lovely retrospective ~ Renee was (and still is!) a great beauty!
Thanks Patty, for the walk back in time!

Comment by Kathleen Patane

proud to be a fellow Dane.

Comment by pia gronning

I need to find my photos of Renee…
Patty this is great…Stan

Comment by stan shaffer

Dear Patty,
What a great idea of how to remember who the great beautys were! Joey always loved her as well. It was good to see her again at Jerry’s memorial. Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Kim Charlton

Hi Renee,
I was a booker on the ‘high board’ when you modelled with Ford
in the 1980’s… You were ususally working, but, the few times you visited the agency… YOU were one of the models, who we all thought was one of the most beautiful…Even in plain white t-shirt and denim skirt, you still looked like an Angel !!!

Comment by Patty

the glory days!!!!

Comment by barbara neumann

This is great. I am so thrilled to be back in contact with those associated with the Fashion Industry again after an absence of over 20 years. Good to be in contact with you again.
Lots of Love,

Comment by Chad Deal

Beautiful photos, Patty! Thanks so much for sending this. Renee’s look really captured the spirit of the times in such a beautiful way!



Comment by Lauren Ackerman

Hi Patty!
Love, this! It’s great to know that women we ‘looked up to’ and were inspired by, have grown into wonderful Mother’s, Business Women & Real-Life-Role Models! I think you are on to something here! Not surprised! Love you! Morgen

Comment by Morgen

Lovely pictures! What a great idea! As usual very well done !


Comment by Rafat mahdi

Dear Patty,
You always come up with such fantastic ideas. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful model so well presented by a beautiful person. Thanks,


Comment by anees mahdi

Patty, this is such a great idea….congratulations you really did a lovely honor for Renee. Not sure if you remember me but I rep’d Canada in the first Face of the 80’s. and worked with Ford in NY…. Bravo laura morton

Comment by laura

How stunning. Thank you so much for presenting these great beauties and telling us their stories.

Comment by Linda Morand

I’ve always been a huge fan of Renee!!!!I miss seeing her so much. she is truly a ONE IN A BILLION MODELS!!! I would love to do an exclusive interview with her!! What a perfect way to start my day by seeing her!!!! thanks Patty!


Dearest Patty ,
i never met Renee personaly and i admire her great beauty .
hope she has a happy life today .
thank you for caring so much about us .

Comment by gabrielle

Wow! Just a spectacular beauty!
Thankyou for sharing these beautiful photos of Renee!
Peggy Palmer

Comment by peggy palmer

Thanks Patty- BEAUTIFUL- such a nice girl also- we went to Tokyo together for Bloomingdales and I never laughed so much! xxoo Julie

Comment by Julie Wolfe

This is amazing, to read all these comments about myself. Very lovely though, and surprising not to say the least, its been so long…… thanks Patty – from Denmark with love


Comment by renee toft simonsen

Love to say few truly words to Renne.
My name is Athena 38years old from Athens.You are my icon. Obviously try to find a new face with your stracture but RENEE IS THE ONE AND ONLY. JUST IAM A FAN OF YOU WATCHING YOUR NEWS FROM DENMARK PLEASED TO KNOW YOUR FACE YOUR TALENTS AND YOUR CHARACTER (THROUGHT PRESS).



So beautiful! One of my favorite models! I loved all those cover girl ads, I think I bought everything you had on! Studying those ads, helped me become a makeup artist today! Best Wishes! : )

Comment by Michelle Larner

Renee, wherever you are, I send you my blessings. You have always been wonderful. Peace.

Comment by Sir Terance White

Hi Patty, Although I never worked with or met Renee I so enjoyed the photos. They did bring me back to a wonderful time. The people above who commented also bring me back. How the hell are all of you? xoxo

Comment by dottie

Hi Patty,

Wow, I’m impressed! This is such a great idea. I think young girls that are looking to get into the industry would benefit from this and would love to see how the models from the past evolved. Awesome!


Comment by Glori Illames

There is no one like Renée and thanks ever so much for remembering her. Usually she is forgotten in the reports about “model-comebacks” or “successful models over 40”, but the career she made is so interesting and impressive! There is really a life after a model career! 😉

Comment by Alexandra

Hey Patty!
So enjoyable to remember that time…and admire such exquisite beauty! Renee was and…I am
sure still is…a lovely and intelligent woman! Thanks for putting together these glimpses into
the lives of the Ford Beauties!!!
~Lynn Howland

Comment by Lynn Howland

Hi Patty. I used to draw her face from magazine covers when I was an art student back in the early 1980s.So beautiful! She was one of my alltime favorites along with Julie Wolfe. Thanks for this stroll down memory lane! Stephen

Comment by Stephen Keyes

Stunning, stunning, stunning! Oh how I miss authentic beauty in the fashion industry. I wish the agencies would revisit what it means to be a model and not just some bizarre politically correct version of what is considered attractive. Ford ladies are goddesses.

Comment by Lauren

Renee has always been the most beautiful model in the world. Then and now. Today’s models can’t hold a candle to Renee. Her face is stunning and I wish she were back full-time with Ford!

Comment by bradpittwantsme

Thanks Patty for sharing parts of Renee,s extraordinary career. wow so beautiful she is. and smart 😉

Comment by Lottis

I love Renee
I have been collecting for years now
I have a website
take a look
there is lots of new stuff on her

Comment by May

The most beautiful woman I have ever seen. With or without make-up.

Comment by Johanna

So radiant – one of the greatest natural beauties of all time in my humble opinion. I’m happy to read that her life after modeling has been good.

Comment by Kelly

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