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Aiden Andrews | Dazed & Confused July 2010 by Damien Neva

Ford Men’s Aiden Andrews appears in a Dazed & Confused July 2010 editorial “War Hero” by photographer Richard Burbridge with styling by fashion editor Robbie Spencer, hair by Shon at Julian Watson, makeup by Peter Philips at Art + Commerce, nails by Rica Roman at See Management, and production by Etta Meyer at Art + Commerce. In the below picture Aiden wears a Calvin Klein jacket, Roberto Cavalli chainmail vest, hat from Reworks, metal harness by Bliss Lau, and a bullet corset by The Blonds.

…and those are just the facts that we’re able to glean from the tear sheet credits. The editorial’s creative axis of Burbridge-Spencer-Philips have created a series of visceral images that call to mind the horrors of war unseen by a studio set this side of Jacob’s Ladder. Makeup by Peter Phillips in particular evokes a trauma that is at odds with the Aiden’s steely gaze under Burbridge’s surgically crisp studio lighting. Distress is manifested in other ways suggesting the often unseen victims of war — women and children. Parts of dolls adorn faces, corsets bind subjects beneath a greatcoat and over top a cardigan, clothespins embellish a body cast. These are war heroes condemned to wear decorations not of a military origin, but of a domestic source. And so we doff our garrison caps to the creatives at Art + Commerce for this story that collapses in one fell swoop the excesses of war and its victims and all in a manner befitting of a Dazed & Confused editorial.

Aiden Andrews | Dazed & Confused July 2010 (Photography: Richard Burbridge)

Aiden Andrews | Dazed & Confused July 2010 (Photography: Richard Burbridge)

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Wow. Great styling and gorgeous makeup!

Comment by Chungkit

Hipnotize effect.

Comment by Brian Haider

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