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Crystal Renn Responds Speaking with Cindi Leive by Damien Neva
15 July 2010, 11:38
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To say that a certain Crystal Renn picture from the other week caused a ripple in the sometimes very shallow pond that is the blogosphere would be a gross understatement. For much of the time the response more resembled a typhoon wrapped inside a hurricane riding atop a tsunami. Thankfully cooler heads persisted and none more than Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive‘s when she last week sat down with Crystal Renn to discern the fact from fiction surrounding that photo shoot.

Please visit to read Leive’s column On the C.L.: Crystal Renn on Her Skinny Photos: “I Don’t Look Like That”, which includes Crystal in her own words as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the controversial photo shoot.

Crystal Renn in her own size at the Fashion for Passion shoot (Video still: Mark Humphrey)

Crystal Renn in her own size at the Fashion for Passion shoot (Video still: Mark Humphrey)

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Very Handsome!

Comment by Rodolfo Milek

Great interview. You guys should be very proud to be representing her. The fact that she explained how shocked she was when she saw the image herself, and chose to speak about it and clarify the situation, is a very great thing.

Comment by Homotography

In some pix she looked awesome.
In in these pix instead she does not look like her at all, She looks like Britney Spears, the Singer in her facial expressions. Her body language on the left her thy-leg is not cute.
She is a top model(she has been doing this job since she was 16 and she was skinny)… Just surprisingly.
In my opinion these pix seems taken from an amateur.

Comment by syssi

Syssi, these are video stills and are meant more to be representative of Crystal’s actual appearance.

Comment by Damien Neva

Hi my dear Crystal:your words comforted me, I was really worried for you, do not want anybody to use you deasiado vouchers, I agree with you the gateways must show all sizes, so are the people among us .. different! I measure 1.60 and use the size 42(i,m spanish), I like my curves And although at times I feel I do not fit, compliments of my Háqqah people and real models like you see things clear, I am as I am and that is the essence of each …. CRYSTAL thanks again, you’re my idol forever be in my top

Comment by ALBA

The way you look in real life is far more beautiful than how this photo shoot turned out–I’m sorry to see they’ve ruined it. Thank you for representing the average woman; we’ve been far under-represented for a long, long time. You are an inspiration to me.

Comment by Amanda

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