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El-P Interview Special by Damien Neva

Fashion and music are inseparable. They’ve been playing off each other well before David Bowie recorded the tune “Fashion” or Duran Duran sang “Girls on Film.” With this in mind we will occasionally feature interviews with people in fashion and music that embody the qualities that we so admire. – Ford Models Blog Editor

The first ever track I knowingly heard as an El-P produced joint was “Raspberry Fields” off El-P Presents: Cannibal Oxtrumentals (2002), which is of course the instrumental foundation of the critically acclaimed Cold Vein. “Fields” begins with the strained vocal tones of Laurie Anderson on “Sweaters” before coming correct with heavy beats and spidery synths. In a word it’s ill. The track is also emblematic of the Brooklyn artist’s production as a whole with its commitment to drums, synthesizers, and any noises that can affectionately be called paranoid. The paranoia is set to continue on 3 August with the release of El-P’s latest instrumental assault called WEAREALLGOINGTOBURNINHELLMEGAMIXXX3.

Now for a disclosure: I have known and worked with El-P for a couple years. I have long been an admirer of his work and it was through mutual friends that we were introduced. El-P is doing a limited amount of press for this record and it was only after my initial suggestion that he agreed to do this Ford Models Blog interview. That said, if I thought the album weak, then I would have never asked in the first place.

MEGAMIXXX3 marks the first studio full-length record by El-P since 2007’s I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead and though it is by design bereft of his inimitable vocal flow, it is not wanting for direction or purpose as instrumental albums sometimes can be. When listening to the new album J Dilla‘s Donuts comes to mind for the seamless nature of the composition — tracks don’t so much start and stop as bleed from one to another. The comparison of the two albums admittedly is more a journalistic conceit than it is any proclamation by El-P himself, but nevertheless the juxtaposition is instructive despite it clearly not being a dusty groove cruise through Motown. The MEGAMIXXX3 tracks such as “Whores: The Movie,” “DMSC,” and “He Hit Her So She Left” can certainly be enjoyed à la carte, but are best savored with the other twelve tracks on the album. With rappers such as Q-Tip, DOOM, and others having thoroughly picked over the bones of Donuts it will be interesting to see MEGAMIXXX3 instrumentals appropriated in the same way. Philadelphia’s Freeway memorably rapped over El-P’s “EMG” for and it does not require a leap of imagination to picture the same for the MEGAMIXXX3 tracks. But, and it must be emphasized, just as Donuts stands on its own so too does MEGAMIXXX3.

This week ahead of an appearance at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago I had a chance to speak with El-P about the new album, its influences (Melvins and Gang of Four amongst others) sampling, and of course what he was wearing. El-P is already working on a follow up to I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, but until that album sees the light of day MEGAMIXXX3 is your safest bet. Please visit to pre-order WEAREALLGOINGTOBURNINHELLMEGAMIXXX3 on LP, CD, digital download, and in various other special edition packages.



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Nice Article.

Comment by syssi

I love the different snippets of music playing during the video, too. dope shit

Comment by Dame

Is this CD good for fashion shows? runway?etc. I am looking for artists or mixx tunes that is for runway shows. send an email to

Comment by Linda Salas

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