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Photography by Ford Men by Damien Neva

Ford Men have a long tradition of their models photographing other models, landscapes, and still life. The relationship between the photographer and subject can be much closer when the two happen to be fellow models and often serves to benefit the portraits. The other week we mentioned Marcus Andersson and his SLR handiness being recognized by Refinery29, but the Swede is not the only one to have trained an eye through a lens. In 2006 Will Anderson published his debut photography book Apt. 301, which chronicles his time spent living with other male models in the model apartment. Beyond that Cedric Bihr, Christian Brylle, and Jeff Moerchen equally are model photographers who also happen to be with Ford Men. Add to the distinguished list Ethan James who recently shot pictures of Brazilian model Natan Machado and had them featured Tuesday on The Fashionisto.

Ford Men's Natan Machado (Photography: Ethan James)

Ford Men's Natan Machado (Photography: Ethan James)

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Will Anderson is the Bob Dylan of the photography world, the best photographer of his generation…..

Comment by david hutt

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