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Ethan James | EY! Magateen Summer 2010 by Damien Neva
17 August 2010, 10:59
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If a magazine picture appears on the interweb and no one has the issue, was it ever published? No, this isn’t 100 levels philosophy, this is fashion in the Information Age as well as the inquiry that began after seeing pictures of Ford Men’s Ethan James by photographer David Armstrong from Electric Youth Magazine‘s EY! Magateen #6 Summer 2010. And some issue it is! Let the Ford Models Blog explain…

If you’re in the City and searching for the camp double issue printed in A3, then you won’t find the biannual by creative director and publisher Luis Venegas in a Union Square news kiosk behind the chewing gum next to the Snapple, nay, you’ll have to venture downtown to Opening Ceremony on Howard St. There the helpful staff will direct you up a short flight of steps at the back of the stylish showroom to the mezzanine level. Atop the stairs sits a modest rack featuring limited-run publications including the latest EY! for $40. But wait! Included with this limited edition issue of 1000 is special gift, an American Apparel swim brief bedazzled with silver stars and a yellow EY! logo emblazoned across the bum!

Unwrap the 123 page issue from the cellophane and go straight to page 106 where you will find Ethan James wearing little more than a necklace, pendant, and rose tattoo. Born on Valentine’s Day 1990 the 6’2″ (188 cm) Grand Rapids, Michigan native tells EY! amongst other things that he wants to be a photographer and likes to wear tight briefs. We won’t, however spoil the rest for you. If it was Ethan who prompted the Ford Models Blog to search high and low for this issue, then it wasn’t only he who rewarded our efforts. Sure, the complimentary swim briefs and eighteen Panini-style stickers did their best to sweeten the deal, but the issue’s further inclusion of Bo Ackerson, AJ Abualrub, and Isaac Weber confirmed beyond all reasonable doubt that EY! Megateen #6 Summer 2010 was indeed published and emphatically so.

To read more about Bo Ackerson photographed by Bruce Weber in the EY! Megateen #6 Summer 2010 issue please continue reading.

Ethan James | EY! Magateen Summer 2010 (Photography: David Armstrong)

Ethan James | EY! Magateen Summer 2010 (Photography: David Armstrong)

Bo Ackerson by Bruce Weber & EY! swim Brief (Product photography: Damien Neva)

Bo Ackerson by Bruce Weber & EY! swim Brief (Product photography: Damien Neva)

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Ethan, you are too skinny – your bones. Bo you r hella fine.

Comment by Linda Salas

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