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Crystal Renn for Chanel Reopening September 2010 by Damien Neva

Renovation is a messy business especially when it involves a retail space. There’s the dust, the noise, and the expense and added hassle of temporary relocation. Even moving across the street can create the sort of patron confusion that is every proprietor’s nightmare. And by the time the customers have been trained to walk across the street, it’s time to train them all over again to visit the original location. Announcing a reopening in Soho makes this all the more trickier a proposition with blue chip neighbors competing for retail patronage.

If you’re Karl Lagerfeld and it is the reopening of Chanel at 139 Spring Street, then hiring college students to pass out fliers on Broadway is clearly not an option. Taking out a full-page ad in The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal with the iconic interlocking double-C might do, but that’s a little too unadventurous. Something more is required to grab the world’s attention, which is just what Karl Lagerfeld has done by featuring a portrait of Crystal Renn in the latest Chanel ad featured in the opening pages of the September 2010 issue of Interview Magazine.

Just like the Super Bowl is watched for the commercials, the Ford Models Blog cannot help but do the same for even the excellent Interview. We’ll get to the Blake Lively interview, promise, but four pages into the issue and we simply cannot turn the page past Crystal. Stunning as Crystal’s figure is, her prominently featured face is all the more arresting in this portrait that casts the indomitable Baptiste Giabiconi in a supporting role, which by the way is no mean feat. Crystal’s inclusion in the Chanel Resort 2011 show in Saint-Tropez looks to be the genesis of a deeper relationship with Chanel’s head designer and creative director that has now blossomed into this remarkable announcement. Mr. Lagerfeld has our complete and undivided attention and if the Ford Models Blog ever turns the page, then it vows to visit Chanel at 139 Spring Street in Soho.

139 SPRING STREET, SOHO 212.334.0055

Crystal Renn for Chanel Reopening Sep. 2010 (Photography: Karl Lagerfeld)

Crystal Renn for Chanel Reopening Sep. 2010 (Photography: Karl Lagerfeld)

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C`est parfait

Comment by Florow

she is truly an amazing model…great to see how hard work can pay off. Congrats to the Plus Size team and Crystal Renn. She has totally earned her spot in this industry.

Comment by Sam Doerfler

If there was any model who could get Karl to backtrack on his ‘no bigger models’ comment, it’s Crystal. Now let’s see her in an actual campaign!

Comment by CurveSmart

This is great to see! So happy for Crystal, she is an amazing model. Looking forward to seeing more of this to come in the future!

Comment by Angela

She seems to be an interesting person.

Comment by Scott

Once again, amazing. Crystal Renn delivers beauty like non other.

Comment by Crimson

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