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Zach Durham | Daily Duo by Damien Neva
25 August 2010, 13:34
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Zach Durham features as a part of the MDC Daily Duo for Wednesday, 25 Aug. 2010. The 6’1½” (187 cm) Fulton, New York native was originally spotted in an Abercrombie & Fitch store and not long afterward signed with Ford Models. Already busy with university studies (we’re told he’s maintaining a 4.0 GPA) Zach is set for an even fuller load this coming season with plenty of options lighting up his chart. An all cotton V-neck hasn’t looked this sexy since the days when petrol cost 30¢ a gallon and Nixon was vice president. How’s that for time travel?! Please visit MDC to read Zach Durham’s complete Daily Duo profile.

Zach Durham | Daily Duo 25 Aug. 2010 (Photography: Sam Doerfler)

Zach Durham | Daily Duo 25 Aug. 2010 (Photography: Sam Doerfler)

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A 4.0 GPA huh? Impressive. Brawn and Brains always look devastatingly good on a man that can balance them well.

Comment by Mikami

There are a lot of good looking and smart people in this planet. An Example a friend of mine is very good looking, she is starting her PHD in Chemist this fall at UCLA and she is in her 20’s.
Best Of luck to you Zach. Do not give in on your studies and thanks for Encouraging others to do well. Good example is important.


Comment by syssi

Cute ~ finally a man who looks like a man not a girl…

Comment by bonnie casassa

I like the way it conects with the cam!

Comment by jamd

good luck brother, keep it up

Comment by ramesh

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