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Ming Xi | LOVE Issue 4 by Damien Neva

As we mentioned in the previous post about Francisco Lachowski, the Ford Models Blog finally has its own copy of LOVE Issue 4! It was touch and go for the first 48 hours of the launch last week with calls to several newsstands, none of whom had sight of the Condé Nast biannual published in the United Kingdom. Yes, MDC had been very generous with their exclusive previews of the covers (all eight of them) by Mert & Marcus as well as that fantastic MDX interview with editor-in-chief Katie Grand, but screens are no replacement for magazines let alone the rush of buying an elusive issue after having walked a mile in the Manhattan rain.

The self-described Gorgeous Issue is a belter and once you breeze past the boobies, then beginning on page 258 you’ll find an article called “All about Eva.” The text by Isaac Lock follows a visit he made to the Cavalli estate in Tuscany where he spent time speaking with Eva Cavalli, née Duringer, wife to Roberto Cavalli, on the fortieth anniversary of the label that according to an apocryphal account relaunched on the back of a pair of sandblasted jeans. The world of Cavalli for the former Miss Universe 1977 runner-up according to the article has been a labor of love of the better part of two decades and one which is richly editorialized in Issue 4 by Mert & Marcus and stylist Marie-Amélie Sauvé. The case in point being the below portrait of Ford’s Ming Xi who wears a fur from F/W 05 and necklace from F/W 09.

Check your local news agent for the availability of LOVE Issue 4 and also subscribe to LOVE to receive the next issue in late Febuary 2011.

Ming Xi | LOVE Issue 4 (Photography: Mert & Marcus)

Ming Xi | LOVE Issue 4 (Photography: Mert & Marcus)

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