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Charlene Almarvez | Vogue China Sep. 2010 by Damien Neva
2 September 2010, 13:36
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There is a lot happening at Ford in advance of Fashion Week. Models are practicing their runway walk. Every. Single. Day. Show packages are being sent out. Boys from Europe are in New York for the first time. COACD is tweeting casting pictures of our models every other minute. It’s nigh impossible to find a moment of peace let alone quiet to work. And so inside the next five minutes between transcribing a model interview and buying new magazines, the Ford Models Blog would like to share one picture of Charlene Almarvez from Vogue China Sep. 2010, which we purchased yesterday from our local newsstand for a cool $34.95. The Ford Models Blog has already posted two previous stories featuring Tao Okamoto and Ming Xi as well as Tao’s solo story by Sølve Sundsbø, but this portrait featuring the 2009 Supermodel of the World finalist had yet to see light of day on this page. Appearing in a story titled simply “The Designers” photographed by Max Vadukul and styled by Nicoletta Santoro the 5’11 (180 cm) Filipina is being fitted by designer Vera Wang. Charlene or Chat as she is affectionately known features in Ford’s show package, Ford Vol. 1, and is poised to do well this season.

Charlene Almarvez | Vogue China Sep. 2010 (Photography: Max Vadukul)

Charlene Almarvez | Vogue China Sep. 2010 (Photography: Max Vadukul)

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Comment by TamAirah Pedersen Campbell

she is soooooo beautiful

Comment by Kendra

So stunning and beautiful!!!! A supermodel in the making!

Comment by randy

good, beautiful, gud lak….

Comment by adelina almarvez laina

such baby face charm charlene on a mannequin’s body. Perfect combination!

Comment by rayshead

Gorgeous model!

Comment by AJ

wow…she’s gorgeous…i want my niece to be just like her…she’s really tall…

Comment by rodelia visico


Comment by Lee Wi Han

exelente ….. super

Comment by jhair

Finally! yehey.. Good luck Charlene for this Spring Summer 2011! and book all the major major shows!

Comment by Mike

Someone’s been sleeping at her job over at Ford, ha ha ha!! This photo has been on the blogosphere for like a month already and you guys are posting it only now?

Comment by gabe

No, no one has been sleeping on the job. The Ford Models Blog is not interested in competing with firsties. That’s fine for TFS forums, but not us.

Incidentally, when did you buy your issue? Or did you? Thanks for reading.

Comment by Damien Neva


Comment by keyawna

The people at Ford Models knew of the photo shoot first so they should, if they are good at their jobs, have made it their business to find out when the images are going to come out. We tune it to your blog to get the latest knews about your models so it’s a bit disheartening to find out the latest from other fashion related blogs. You’re not even a week late but several weeks late.

Comment by pinstripesboy

I appreciate your concern, but with the amount of editorials and campaigns that our models land it’s nigh impossible to post every last picture first. It’s simply not the brief of the Ford Models Blog. If you want that sort of thing, that is, context-free picture posts, then please stick with TFS. If you would like more depth of coverage of some (not all) of our talent, then I invite you to continue reading the Ford Models Blog. Thanks.

Damien Neva
Ford Models Blog Editor

Comment by Damien Neva

I agree with Ford Models Blog, with the number of models they have and the amount of work that each model does, its really hard to keep track let alone feature each one of them in thier blogs. Ford Models is doing a great job. I regularly visit this site and i am always delighted to read and see the quality work that thier models are doing and the important and relevant features they they are blogging. For me thats what matters most. Keep it up Ford Models Blog!!!

Comment by randy

filipna so stunning and gorgeous

Comment by jojosanchez

go charlene makeour country proud

Comment by jojosanchez

Stunning pic! I love her face

Comment by alvin

Oh please Damien! Your agency may have a large coterie of models but let’s be candid, they’re not all working models. Most of them are mere fillers. And what’s with your nitpicking on TFS? At least them “amateurs” are constantly making an effort to share fresh news. Not stale ones mmmkaaaaaaaaay?

Comment by patrick

Patrick, TFS is brilliant at what it does — breaking campaigns, editorials, gossip. The Ford Models Blog is not, however is not in competition with TFS. Frankly speaking we would fail miserably! The point with this blog is to provide context to the campaigns and editorials of many (not all) of the talent we represent.

Thanks for reading.

Damien Neva
Ford Models Blog Editor

Comment by Damien Neva

Why are some people making such a big deal about this? Fords format of blogging is not anyway like TFS. And why do you have to mention non working models that are fillers? Almost all agency have models like that. Why single out Ford? Lets just focus on charlene’s beautiful editorial people. Love u chat!

Comment by randy

i am proud to ate Chat.. my fellow kababayan in sta.cruz, laguna… she & charo ronquillo are really stunning. FILIPINO PRIDE 🙂

Comment by JeanGargoles

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