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Ford Men Show Package NY S/S 11 by Damien Neva

Wednesday the Ford Men show package for New York S/S 11 went live on MDC and The Fashionisto with a total of forty-four boys. Menswear has a somewhat unfair reputation of being the drab counterpart to that of the opposite of sex. However, what many consider a truism about menswear has never been the case for the juggernaut that is Ford Men. The men’s show package is an entirely different proposition compared to the work of art that is Paul Rowland‘s Ford Vol. 1, but all the same it would be foolish not to marvel at its many strengths, depth of talent not least of which.

The Ford Men S/S 11 show package draws on proven charges in Aiden Andrews, AJ Abualrub, Christian Brylle, Ethan James, Isaac Carew, Isaac Weber, Ian O’Brien, Linus Gustin, Max Motta, and Paolo Anchisi. Furthermore new boys Asa Fox, Bobby Nicholas, Daje, Ford Smith, Michael Wozniak, and Gadir Rajab amongst others will give designers showing in New York an option that many of their European counterparts hadn’t available in July at the shows in Milan and Paris. How’s that for drab? Make way, ladies, Ford Men are on the charge.

But, don’t take the Ford Models Blog at its word (interested as it is), please visit MDC and The Fashionisto for a complete reviews by Betty Sze and Carl Barnett respectively.

Ford Men Show Package NY S/S 11 (Thumbnail Edition, Vol. 1)

Ford Men Show Package NY S/S 11(Thumbnail Edition, Vol. 1)

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mouth dropping and mind blowing…..its nice to look at eye candy every now and again…

Comment by LaShawna Canady

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