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Crystal Renn, Garance Doré et le Bal Masqué by Damien Neva
12 October 2010, 15:30
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Ever since the the conclusion of the show season the Ford Models Blog has been taking stock of all the stories that were just out of reach during the hurricane on fast forward that was New York, Milan, and Paris. One obvious story worth revisiting is of course the ninety years of Vogue Paris that was observed with an important black tie bal masqué thrown by its editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld and held at the Parisian apartment of Karl Lagerfeld. Pictures by the hundreds have been posted in the interweb of the famous and well-heeled revelers, but it’s a funny, intimate, and thoroughly engaging 927 word account of the masquerade ball by French blogger Garance Doré that has so captured our imagination. She has a way with words that is equal to her portraiture (remember that shot from Chanel Cruise 2011?), which is no mean feat. If you have not read her story, then we won’t spoil it, but will give you a hint that Crystal Renn features prominently. So much so that upon appearing for a second time in the story, Garance ponders on Crystal and concludes, “I think this woman is an angel.” Took the words right out of our mouth, Garance!

Please visit the Garance Doré online to read The Masquerade Ball I, II and The Masquerade Ball III, IV, V. Also be sure to revisit the Ford Models Blog to see Crystal Renn in Vogue Paris Oct. 2010 photographed by Mert & Marcus and Terry Richardson. And whilst were at it, buy a print copy of the October issue, which needless to say trumps any screen we’ve ever seen.

Bal Masqué (Illustration: Garance Doré)

Bal Masqué (Illustration: Garance Doré)

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Black, white, with a touch of red, my favorite!

Comment by graykeller

J’aime bien

Comment by Daniel Weiss

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