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Luke Briggs & Bobby Nicholas | Man about Town A/W 10 by Damien Neva

Don’t know about you, but the Ford Models Blog is dubious about editorial photo captions that make mention of intangibles — fragrances, lotions, hair products, etc. Who is to say these phantoms were in fact present at the time of the portrait like a clearly visible knit sweater and heel were? Yes, yes, we too work in this industry and know why these products are mentioned, but all the same it’s but another thing in fashion for which we must temporarily suspend our disbelief. Which brings us to a story that drops all such pretense and instead rather cannily goes whole hog with the æther. We’re of course talking about the fragrance story “Clearing the Air” that appears in Man about Town A/W 10 featuring Ford Men’s Luke Briggs and Bobby Nicholas photographed by Terry Tsiolis.

“Clearing the Air” explicitly takes the notion of clean as its point of departure for a story that features not a fiber of clothing. First up Luke Briggs, 2010 VMAN winner, is pictured cleanly in black and white against a clear sky along with a caption mentioning “Dior Homme” and “Eau Sauvage Extrême” by Christian Dior perfumer Olivier Polge. The latter fragrance was first introduced in 1966, the former is a legend in its own right, and when taken together perfectly suits the man about town. Next up Bobby Nicholas provides a visual for a fragrance befitting the son of Zeus and Maia, “Voyage d’Hermès” by Hermès naturally. Perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has created a fragrance for Hermès that the story’s author Lee C. Wallick describes as being tied to no place or flower in particular, but instead “works as a sort of fresh, invisible cloth that touches on crisp, green citruses, warms to the peppery and then pleasantly rests.”

For the first time the Ford Models Blog does not feel dirty like it does when it reads about fragrances surreptitiously mentioned in fashion editorials. This dedicated and frank treatment of the subject deserves praise. In other words, with the air having been cleared we are now free to simply admire the richly tangible features of Luke and Bobby.

Credits include: Publication, Man about Town 7 Autumn / Winter 2010; Title, “Clearing the Air”; Text, Lee C. Wallick; Photography, Terry Tsiolis; Hair, Didier Malige for Frédéric Fekkai; Grooming, Pep Gay at Streeters; Photography assistants, Jake Jones, David Schulze, Jimmy Trimm; Casting, COACD.

Luke Briggs | Man about Town A/W 10 (Photography: Terry Tsiolis)

Luke Briggs | Man about Town A/W 10 (Photography: Terry Tsiolis)

Bobby Nicholas | Man about Town A/W 10 (Photography: Terry Tsiolis)

Bobby Nicholas | Man about Town A/W 10 (Photography: Terry Tsiolis)

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