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Sofia Paras Landa | V Model Makeover #1 by Damien Neva

What distinguishes V from most any other fashion magazine on the newsstand today is its refusal to simply accept the world as is. Think of how The Size Issue (V63) spooked the hell out of the fashion world by directly addressing the very existence of, deep breath, differently sized bodies. Think of how The Sexy Body Issue (V66) had newsstands in a funk over selling what they considered a skin mag. Or just think for a moment of how stubbornly oversize the magazine actually is! If these three examples alone don’t signal an insatiable drive to improve upon ordinary life let alone fashion, then V has another proposition that will: “Model Makeover #1” featuring Ford’s Sofia Paras Landa photographed by Tim Zaragoza.

One look at the “before” picture of the girl from Monterrey, Nuevo León and it’s abundantly clear that she’s no Dr. Zizmor case, nay, she’s a stunnah! V, however can always find ways to better what is already excellent. To that end V has brought together stylist Nikki Igol and the hair and makeup expertise of ION Studio NYC for what is the inaugural shoot for their model makeover series. Wearing a signature red jumpsuit and jacket by Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci and shoes by Jil Sander Sofia puts paid to the notion that creation was perfect after those first six days.

Whom will V next feature in their “Model Makeover” series? Please visit VMAGAZINE.COM to find out and also see more before and after pictures of Sofia Paras Landa.

Credits include: Publication, VMAGAZINE.COM; Title, “Model Makeover #1”; Photography, Tim Zaragoza; Styling, Nikki Igol; Hair & makeup, ION Studio NYC; Jumpsuit and jacket, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci; Shoes, Jil Sander; Necklace, Alexis Bittar;

Sofia Paras Landa | V Model Makeover #1 (Photography: Tim Zaragoza)

Sofia Paras Landa | V Model Makeover #1 (Photography: Tim Zaragoza)

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