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Francisco Lachowski Interview Special by Damien Neva

The Ford Models Blog can sit on a winning hand for only so many days, but eventually must lay out what readers surely will consider to be a royal flush. We’re of course talking about the Francisco Lachowski interview special from the other week that we produced fresh on the heels of his sojourn in Japan. Despite having considerably greater critical distance to the subject than many of his adoring fans we were nevertheless impressed by the confidence and near total abandon of the nineteen-year-old from the south of Brazil. This interview has long been on Francisco’s chart and once he touched down in New York getting him in front of the Ford Models Blog camera was only a matter of details.

Having garnered three F/W 10 campaigns including Benetton, DKNY Jeans, and Etro Francisco has already shot a major S/S 11 campaign and has been optioned for several others since returning from Tokyo. This is exactly the sort of exchange from editorial darling to campaign golden boy that needs to occur to cement Francisco’s rightful place amongst the elite in mens fashion. To that end he seems to have taken all the right steps toward that summit including what many fans considered a surprise decision to skip the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week S/S 11 in New York in favor of fifty days of work in Japan. The move seems to have perfectly set him up for what’s already shaping up to be a rewarding advertising season. Don’t despair, however as he’s set to return to the runway for the F/W 11 shows in Europe and New York at the beginning of next year.

The interview covers some of the basics such as the origins of the Brazilian’s curious Polish surname, the football club he supports (Atlético Paranaense in case you’re wondering), and some of the work he did in Japan. Francisco was also asked what he makes of the mania surrounding his modeling career and by extension his personality. He was quite candid in his response saying that as a normal nineteen-year-old boy from Brazil he finds it “weird,” but also readily admits to liking it. Tellingly he mentions blogs such as Fuck Yeah Francisco when speaking about his relative celebrity in the world of mens modeling, thus revealing the extent of his knowledge of his following on the interweb. Not that any of this “fame” has gone to his head either, Francisco like many of his male model contemporaries is modest in dress (jeans, T-shirt, sneakers) and attitude despite possessing the beguiling combination of a chiseled physique, boyishly sweet face, and deep tenor voice.

Now that we’ve played our winning hand, we hope you too will enjoy the rewards and promise to have the Chico back for another interview with the Ford Models Blog when his schedule permits.

Credits include: Publication, Ford Models Blog; Title, “Francisco Lachowski Interview Special”; Model, Francisco Lachowski; Interview/text, Damien Neva; Video, Damien Neva; Photography, Damien Neva; Music, from Medicine Show No. 2: Flight to Brazil mixed by Madlib.

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

Francisco Lachowski / Ford Men (Photography: Damien Neva)

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He’s a great guy! One of my favorites! Great interview~

Comment by TeeVanity

Schöne Bilder Francisco.

Comment by Dieter Brand

great interview and great person!
Francisco is definately one of my favourite male models!
Best of luck in the future and welcome to South Korea~

Comment by Chris

Que música péssima.
That’s music is very terrible. OMG! Change.

Comment by Lolita

Nahh, this music is classic and mixed by none other than Madlib!

Comment by Damien Neva

i love him so much! he’s so cute can someone please tell me the kind of headphones he uses?!

Comment by paola uranga

Beats by Dr Dre headphones

Comment by QS

Nice post. Keep it up. I hope you’ll post more in the future. rich.

Comment by rich

Hes so hott!! I wish i could meet him in real life! 🙂

Comment by Sarah

he’s probably the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen! I’m drawing him 😀

Comment by sigge

He’s handsome ha!! I like this post.

Comment by Kathleen Mizrahi

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