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Crystal Renn | Harper’s Bazaar Dec. 2010 by Damien Neva

Keeping pace with Crystal Renn is a daunting task and one to which the Ford Models Blog takes a decidedly measured approach. In less than a month’s time she was recognized as the Ultimate Catwalk Queen at the Cosmopolitan Ultimate Women of the Year Awards in London, breakfasted at 10 Downing Street with Samantha Cameron, wife of British Prime Minister David Cameron, participated in a panel discussion at the Love Your Life Conference presented by Glamour and 92nd Street Y, and confirmed some major S/S 11 campaigns. Were we to follow Crystal play by play, then we might well have to hire a team of Pulitzer Prize winning journalists, set up an 24 hour ops center, and change the name of this page to the Crystal Renn Blog! Not that any of those are a bad ideas, but we’re going to stick with what actually can be accomplished today, which is to introduce Crystal’s latest stunning editorial in Harper’s Bazaar December 2010 photographed by Paola Kudacki and styled by fashion editor Natasha Royt.

Titled “Best New Looks” the story presents Crystal in series of resort looks drawn from a crisp, mostly monochromatic color palette. These classic silhouettes are made all the more elegant by Crystal’s effervescence. Merely wearing the clothing for an editorial has never been an option for Crystal and this story is no exception. Without a trace of fatigue, ennui, or any of the other maladies common in the upper echelons of modeling Crystal injects a palpable vitality to every single designer piece from the Michael Kors knit sweater she seductively pulls with her teeth right down to the Georg Jensen cuff that accentuates a coquettish moi? gesture of the hand. For all the ballyhoo that has followed Crystal in the last year it is refreshing to see her doing what she does best: model on her own terms. Crystal is happy, healthy, and up to her eyeballs in work and this page couldn’t be happier for her than at this moment.

Credits include: Publication, Harper’s Bazaar December 2010; Title, “Best New Looks”; Photography, Paola Kudacki; Fashion editor, Natasha Royt; Hair, Franco Gobbi for Redken; Makeup, Frank B; Manicure, Rie Osuka.

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

Crystal Renn | Harper's Bazaar Dec. 2010 (Photography: Paola Kudacki)

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These photos are stunning! She has really done some amazing things for the plus community and for women everywhere and I am so grateful to her. Thank you, Crystal. xx

Comment by Angela

my mom (JoAnna Sangren) and I really like the simplisty and clean lines of these. It reminds us of a moderan yet more safisacted look of the 70’s

Comment by pamela d brown

Can she really be considered a plus sized model anymore? She looks way too thin to be any more than a size 6.

Comment by Heather

She looks beutiful, however I do not think she can be considered a plus sized model any more. As a size 8-10 woman who runs 20+ miles, swims 3+ miles and bikes 40+ miles a week, and eats very conservatively,I know what it takes for me to maintain MY size/weight. It makes me wonder and a little concerned about what lengths she has gone to to reduce her size so drastically.

Comment by Michelle Ryan

Wow, she looked a lot better when she was actually curvy. This is not a good representation of what she says she is doing and trying to do in the modeling community. This is not a good example for plus size women or models, she looks like she sold out, and lost 40 pounds because the modeling industry got her to give in and she wanted more money. I have her book hungry and after reading it, these recent photo shoots are disappointing!

Comment by satanshelper

She’s gorgeous, as always. But I don’t think that the “is she plus-sized” debate will ever end until people realize that: 1) size eight is considered plus-sized in the modeling world, and size eight is on the low end of a medium, and 2) even if you are a size eight, if you’re six feet tall you’re going to look a lot smaller than someone who’s five-four. Really, people, cut her some slack — anyway, since when is her size anyone’s business?

Comment by anwa

I would say it became our business when she published a book about her weight issues for the whole world to read. If she hadn’t done that, I would agree its none of our business, it shouldn’t be an issue. However she is the one who made it an issue. I also do not think she is 6′.

Comment by Michelle

Hey, I’m Ana and I huuuge fan of Crystal because I love her and she makes me feel better in my own body. I was anorexic too for 5 years and now I’m feel really fat 😦 anyway, I was looking at this pictures and I love them but I think Crystal is not That Crystal that I thought she was my idol.. I think she’s not plus size anymore, and she look thinner and thinner 😦 I hope perhaps it is just my impression . I hope she’s okay and happy.. Love, Ana (19 year-old, Portugal)

Comment by Ana Malato

Crystal has said in an article that she recently picked up exercise again after a break up when she was visiting Patagonia with her grandmother. She picked up exercise because she knew it was the healthiest way for her to live, and yes, weight loss does accompany that. Also, Crystal’s job is to model. She didn’t sign up to be the poster child for plus-size women. I have read her book and her message is clearly not against thin people or even being considered thin herself, but to put make others aware about anorexia and the pressures she had to overcome. Her book was not written to promote any weight she feels is ideal, but to have a healthy relationship with your body and food. Even when she was larger she still ate healthy. Also, she has not succumbed to any pressures in the fashion industry. The industry has opened their arms to her and when responding to this question she states Karl Lagerfeld as an example of the acceptance she has rendered, when he thought she had lost some weight he approached her and told her she was perfect and not to lose an inch. Also, you site your inability to maintain her current size with quite a bit of exercising and eating conservatively, but in Crystal’s book she repeatedly says how bodies are all made differently and do not react in the same manner towards food or exercise. Crystal is a huge believer in genetics being a large impact on weight and also, the fact that everyone is healthy at a different size. Why can we not view Crystal as a the beautiful and fantastic model she is without putting labels on her? Her book was never written to brand herself as a motivation to plus size women. The pictures are absolutely stunning and she looks fantastic!

Comment by girltofemme

Yes! I am glad she is working out now because that is the best image to portray … living a healthy lifestyle and then happiness with whatever size you end up being.

Comment by Tiani Jones

I actually would like to have seen her in these outfits at her previous weight. Bravo to whatever makes her feel good in her skin! I just would have like to have seen a more curvy model in this shoot, to keep us inspired!

Comment by Indigene

I for one could not care less if she’s plus sized or not, whether people feel disappointed or betrayed that she’s a size eight and not a size 16. As long as she’s not stick thin as if she’s a concentration camp survivor and obviously unhealthy and starving herself, I say more power to her. There are plenty of girls that are shockingly skinny. Crystal is not one of them, so I can embrace her look even if she’s not typically plus sized, or plus sized at all.

Comment by wwxxy

There is some confusion here and it must be stated clearly Crystal is healthy and happy with herself. I have always admired Crystal for who she is regardless of her size. Yes, it is true the world came to know Crystal through her unique story as a model who overcame anorexia, but it is instructive to note that she is still on that road to recovery. Part of this recovery has meant coming to terms with physical fitness, which for years she assiduously avoided. This is no betrayal, however as Crystal still is and always will be an advocate for a more inclusive fashion industry, one which embraces a wider spectrum of sizes that includes more than the extremes of sizes 0 and 16+.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love Crystal as a person, not a size.

Thanks for all your comments! Let’s keep the conversation going!

Damien Neva
Ford Models Blog Editor

Comment by Damien Neva

Thanks for your comment Damien. I find Crystal inspirational for her overcoming anorexia and then also keeping fit with her regime when the time was right. She looks healthy and natural and is just an excellent model. Yea, Crystal!

Comment by Tiani Jones

She just lean. she like Tyra Banks. Her body type is like most women. You want to stay trim, you work out. Models come in every size. Let’s compliment her on her success as opposed to “her” figure.


Comment by ThatGmoney

Gorgeous at any size, because Crystal is a true beauty. She looks spectacular in these photos. She looked spectacular at size 12. She’s just stunning in every way. Her weight is hers and hers alone. Nobody should ever tell someone they have to be a particular size, whether that’s size zero or size fourteen. Calling someone “too thin” when she looks healthy is just as wrong as calling her “too fat” when she looks healthy. Fantastic photos, as always.

Comment by K8

I love how you have deleted my comment.
Is it possible what I stated was completely relevant?

pfft pathetic, u say keep the conversation going, but Ur limiting what we say by deleting out comments.

Comment by lozar

The comment that you attempted to post made unsubstantiated claims about the manner in which Crystal Renn is presently being “marketed.” At this stage in Crystal’s career it would be more accurate to say that she is being promoted simply as herself irrespective of size. Crystal is not a straight size model, however.


Damien Neva
Ford Models Blog Editor

Comment by Damien Neva

She’s kind of reminiscent of Rachel Weiss with a bit of Bjork. Her looks are fine but I really hate all these brown andn beig 70s-inspired collections and editorials I’ve been seeing this year. Horrible. Ugh. What a dreadful era of fashion to emulate.

Comment by Lee

What happened to her? I thought she was a plus size. I don’t get it.

Comment by Katia

I don’t think it’s necessarily a feeling of betrayal, but one of concern that Crystals followers are feeling. I have read her book over and over again throughout my own recovery and she has been such an inspiration for me. I think it’s just very concerning for her fans to see her lose so much weight knowing her history. And maybe some fear too… for her, themselves, hope, acceptance, fashion, etc. I think she still looks great! And is absolutely beautiful! But she does looks like a different person. I have never heard of anyone in recovery from anorexia loosing so much weight as part of their recovery, especially after they had been so stable for so long. This isn’t just 10 lbs. or a couple of dress sizes. It’s a pretty drastic change. One that doesn’t happen just from adding exercise into a daily routine, unless it’s excessive or is not accompanied by an appropriate change in caloric intake. Both of these CAN be symptoms of an eating disorder. With the story she’s shared with everyone, we all automatically jump to the conclusion that it is. I don’t hold her in a box at a certain weight, or size, I’ve more just hung on to the words she has said about it… words of how she said she was feeling as her weight hit different points (mentally and physically). And in her book, she wasn’t very happy the last time she looked like this. I guess things can always change and hopefully in this case they have. I can only hope that it is true she is still on the recovery road. It would make me so sad to see such a beautiful lady who has overcome so much and brought hope to so many, suffer in such a painful and destructive way again. It’s probably not very plausible, but it would be so nice if there were a way Crystal could let all of her fans get a little glimpse into her world lately and show us a little of what it is that has lead to such a drastic change in her appearance. I think a lot of us would find peace in hearing her own words.

Comment by Sarah

I have had a very similar experience in modelling… except that it is extremely hard to actually get into any sort of modelling if you don’t fit into either ‘straight’ size or ‘plus’ size…at this point in time there really isn’t a middleground… so I say, go Crystal!

At 5’10 and 130 ibs, I eat healthy and work out moderately, but still enjoy treats now and again. My body looks pretty much just like hers, meaning that I have every confidence that she is just finding her natural set weight after all the years of abuse & then recovery… this is a good thing!

Hopefully she may just be the change that the industry (in my opinion) needed, and we’ll see the next era of the supermodel to be much more inclusive, and about beauty, creativity & individuality- not just size. 🙂

Comment by Peachy

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