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Francisco Lachowski | Coitus Issue 2 by Damien Neva
10 January 2011, 15:56
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Deary me. This was not my brief when I began writing the Ford Models Blog, but then again nothing from EY! Megateen was either. Nevertheless this I feel duty-bound to report where and when our top talent features in top fashion publications and those called Coitus. That’s right, the camp British magazine from editor-in-chief Pantelis and creative director Leon Sanli, which derives its name from Latin coitio(n-), from the verb coire, from co- ‘together’ + ire ‘go,’ viz., fucking. Fortunately there is a hook to this story — Ford Men’s Francisco Lachowski features on one of the five possible covers of the “Bite Me” issue. Don’t sleep on this issue, dear reader, this printing has been limited to 1000, a fifth of which feature Chico. Having no copy ourselves we’re well curious about the extent to which styling plays a role or if it’s simply as the cover suggests, noodz. Watch this page for an answer to this question in the coming weeks.

Please visit Coitus online to learn more about the “Bite Me” issue.

Credits include: Publication, Coitus Issue 2; Photography, Greg Vaughn; Image source, Coitus.

Francisco Lachowski | Coitus Issue 2 (Photography: Greg Vaughn)

Francisco Lachowski | Coitus Issue 2 (Photography: Greg Vaughn)

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love it

Comment by jojo

Brazilians ROCK! MADE in BRAZIL by Curitiba!

Comment by Daniel Ferreira

Fantastic eyes!

Comment by James Thornbrook

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