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Supermodel of the World 2010 Winner by Damien Neva

If you follow Ford Models on Twitter (and you should), then this will not come as any news to you or any of the other 16K people who have viewed this photo. On Saturday at an intimate ceremony in Tribeca the winner and runners-up for the Ford Models Supermodel of the World 2010 competition were chosen. We are proud to announce that the winner is Danica Magpantay (Philippines) and the runners-up are Zuzanna Bronczyk (Poland) and Kristina Gromovaite (Lithuania). The winner and two runners-up will be staying in New York through Fashion Week F/W 11 where we anticipate they will be extremely busy. Please join us in congratulating all three on a fine finish to what is an extraordinary competition.

Credits include: Photography, Ned & Aya Rosen; Styling, Aya Rosen; Hair, Hitomi Mura; Illusion of makeup with lighting and retouching, Ned Rosen.

Danica Magpantay | Winner, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Danica Magpantay | Winner, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Zuzanna Bronczyk | Runner-up, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Zuzanna Bronczyk | Runner-up, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Kristina Gromovaite | Runner-up, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Kristina Gromovaite | Runner-up, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Danica Magpantay | Winner, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Danica Magpantay | Winner, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Zuzanna Bronczyk | Runner-up, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Zuzanna Bronczyk | Runner-up, Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photography: Ned & Aya Rosen)

Kristina Gromovaite, Danica Magpantay & Zuzanna Bronczyk | Supermodel of the World 2010 Winners (Photography: Damien Neva)

Kristina Gromovaite, Danica Magpantay & Zuzanna Bronczyk | Supermodel of the World 2010 Winners (Photography: Damien Neva)

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Kristina and Danica are gorgeous. Congratulations girls.

Comment by syssi

wow!! i definitely like the look of danica from the philippines..she is very exotic, hoping to see her in paris and milan too….(BONE STRUCTURE ))

Comment by paparazzi

Danica is soo beatiful, she has an amazing natural beauty!

Comment by Danique Lavodrama

What’s happening with Ford and this competition’s winners and finalists? The quality of the contestants have gone south as the years go by. These three girls, like most of the finalists of the past 5 years, will never be heard of again a year from now.

Comment by greg

You’re dead wrong about that!

Comment by Glenda De Guzman

Let’s both bookmark this thread then and look it up this time next year. If these three girls are still around (and I don’t mean doing catalogue work for JCPenney or some obscure label based in Winnetka ok?) and are doing great work…runway gigs in NY, Milan and Paris…campaigns and editorials etc… worthy of being called supermodels (they are supermodels of the world after all right?), then I owe you lunch.

Comment by greg

dear greg, whatever happened to your past, stop grunting on it. i believe you lack confidence in yourself. learn to embrace your flaws because we all have them in the first place. were you given sufficient recognition since you were a child? i doubt it. go and hug your mom now.

insecurity can you kill, dear. i wish you well.

Comment by fashiondistraction

That is drop-a-lung hilarious dearie!!

Comment by greg

Like mother, like daughter. Congratulations, Danica! You rock!

Comment by Glenda De Guzman

Beautiful models with nice bone structure.

Comment by Angelo Jetter

my dear greg24, u are one of the most ignorant people i have encountered in my life. Firstly, these girls are egdy and beautiful which what the industry needs right now, secondly there were winners from this competition that are doing really well up to now and lastly Ford is doing a great job in discovering new talents for this industry…. Great job Ford! and by the way Danica is stunning!!!!!

Comment by randy

You read my post and you call that an encounter already? Oh and by the way, the name’s Greg. 24 is today’s date…as in January 24? Hmmmmmmm……..

I’ll humor you by bookmarking this post and revisiting it in a year’s time. Should be interesting to see where these three girls will be then. Landing major campaigns? Appearing in fab editorials and covers? Ruling the runways in NYC, Paris and Milan? I expect nothing less Randy!! πŸ™‚

Comment by greg

to all the ford team..please make this girl go to milan and paris…:> i see some potential from them especially ms.philippines…she has the edge to make it..

Comment by paola

Oh my mistake with the 24 hahaha! My point is that you already have judged them that they will not do well in this industry eventhough they have not started yet. Ford is doing a great job. You cannot just judged an agency and tell them that they are going south just because you dont like the girls that won the competition. Anyways, greg lets just hope for the best and lets stop with the negativity. ❀

Comment by randy

screw you, greg! you’re one non-sense, fashionless creep who’s eaten up by one’s insecurities. shame on you! you do not have the eye for beauty. all you see are the rots which is exuded in your guts that’s reeking of piss!

Comment by alabadah

congrats girls! especially to our very own danica magpantay! πŸ™‚

Comment by dale

Just like what Tyra would say on ANTM. It’s all about the “alien beauty” in modeling. A perfect face is boring.

Comment by Rachelle Hellfire

Danica Magpantay is sooo gorgeous! such a natural beauty .. πŸ™‚
Hope they all succeed..

Comment by Mafae

Another proof that PINAYS are beautiful! Danica might not have the looks of mestiza or european beauties but she has its own beauty. she must be also an inelligent girl – being a UP student. Wish you luck if ever you go to Milan. Invade the fashion world of Paris, etc.
Will pray for your success – you gave an honor to the PHILIPPINES – Let’s show the WORLD that we are not “monkeys”

Comment by lita glenn

LITA GLENN, i’m a Filipino just like you. We are all GOOD in our own little way and we can prove to the rest of the world the talents innate among us. You don’t need to degrade yourself and to the rest of the Filipino ethnicity. Be proud and stop being RUDE to yourself. Indeed, you are hilarious.

Comment by Gilbert

why? are u a monkey? why do you have to say that? Ur being rude to yourself. It does not matter what etnicity u are. Just be proud of urself! that was hillarious. ❀

Comment by randy

hahah! why are the filipinos looking down on themselves.

Comment by kathleen

i love danica. shes gorgeous in her own way.

Comment by win

The Supermodel from the Philippines is simply gorgeous.

Comment by Trisha

go..go..go ..Philippines.!!!! I am speechless πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
All I can say is …Danica Magpantay we are so proud of you…
from your kapamilya…God bless you.Keep up the Good work.!
God will be there for you always…Will keep on praying for you.We love you so much…:) πŸ™‚

Comment by jessica

Pilipina are one of the most beautiful woman in the world…..Mabuhay ka Danica………Filipino’s are very proud of you………

Comment by Gilbert

Congratulations to our very own Danica Magpantay,,,proudly Pinay,We are so proud of you,,,:)

Comment by Barbara Bennett

CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS!!! Lovely girls indeed, see you girls on the runway!!!

Comment by Kathleen

congratulations to all the winners πŸ™‚
especially to my fellow Filipina Miss Danica Magpantay πŸ™‚ 1st ever Pinay to win the title πŸ™‚ a proof that even if you dont have the fairest skin on earth. or the most beautiful face, you still can stand out. and Danica proved that! πŸ™‚ she inspires me to be proud of being a morena! and especially, being a PINAY! πŸ™‚

Comment by joannasalioa

Congratulations Danica Magpantay =) Filipnos Pride.

Comment by Jean Garfioles

congratulations, danica! best of luck to you! πŸ™‚

Comment by jasminMaria

but i guess other someone said that we are monkey but anyway ,we are proud to danica magpantay as Filipino……..thank you for brought the pinay beauty as being supermodel of the world….

Comment by manuela teves

wow!! wanna see DANICA AND KRISTA having the SUPERMODEL status..not just by the title..i know they have the potential making it in european market especially danica bcoz of her bone structure!! her face can secure a revlon,covergirl,maybelline..contract

Comment by beauty

These girls will be so easy to decorate. Thier common look and simple lines are yet perfect for veriaty. I can see why they were picked

Comment by pamela brown

Congratulations Danica! You made all us proud.

Comment by jaycee fernando

Congratulations to the Ford Model Winners! Especially to Danica Magpantay, you made your country very proud. πŸ™‚

Comment by Kyla

congratulations, to Danica Flores Magpantay!. ‘^^
another proof that PINAYS are beautiful!

Comment by jen

Filipina beauty rocks!! congrats Danica

Comment by hazel

Genuine, unpretentious and beautiful.

Comment by Brianne Mistica

congrats danica! πŸ™‚

Comment by Aug Mendoza

congrats danica! πŸ™‚
and to all the winners! πŸ™‚

Comment by Aug Mendoza

Congratulations, Danica! Go show the world the true beauty of a Filipina. πŸ™‚

Comment by joy

CONGRATULATIONS DANICA!! you made us all proud!!! =D

Comment by Jian Lasala

congratulations danica! you made the whole philippines, the fashion and the gay world PROUD!!!

good luck and GOD BLESS!

Comment by zosi

Congratulations Supermodec Danica Magpantay! You have a very youthful sharp Beauty, as sharp as Chanel Iman’s… You are as Gorgeous as your Model Mom. Superb Job Ford Models! More Power Girls! Love & Kisses.

Comment by rayshead

Congratulations Danica Magpantay, Kristina Gromovaite and Zuzanna Bronczyk…..wishing more success ahead

Comment by Mohit

Congratulations Danica.. Keep Shining Baby !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Comment by Milagros Flores

Dear Danica, (Ica)

Ica is my inaanak kasi Lala is my Kumare! Ica, i’m so proud of you grabeeee! God put you where you belong! I wish you all the best in this new journey and please please always seek the lord in everything! God is Faithful! Hip Hip, Hooray!!!!

Comment by patty betita

congratulations… super models indeed!

Comment by Nick

For fashion I really see the polish girl doing well- very beautiful look- you all are! πŸ™‚

Much love and wishes!: )

Comment by Amanda

for ms. danica magpantay congratulation! thank you for doing a job well done!!!:)
Kristina Gromovaite & Zuzanna Bronczyk congratulations too!!!

you three do take care always!!! πŸ™‚

Comment by alessandro sy

Congratulations Ms.Danica Magpantay! You are really good.

Comment by Lyka Lyn Flestado

congratulations to the three gorgeous ladies especially to Ms. Danica Magpantay!

Comment by Jennifer Irang

danica we are all proud of you!

Comment by Kyle

congratz danica, thats what Filipina beauty is simple but when place with other beauties specially whites, Always STANDS out..

Comment by john

Let’s not forget to congratulate the other two finalist as well from Estonia and Brazil.

It would have been great though if they held a similar format in the finals just like last year or 2008.

“Cost-cutting wise”, at least they were presented thru pictures. Any videos or a press presentation after-party perhaps?

Comment by JN

Ford models are looking for exotic beauty this time instead of the stereotype blonde and Danica fits that standard. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Comment by Don

Excited to see a filipina take the title! There is a lot of talent in the Philippines and should be recognized! Congrats to the ladies of Estonia and Brasil as well!

Congrats Danica!

Comment by Melissa

Pls like the official facebook Fanpage administered by Danielle Magpantay (Danica’s sister) and anonymous friends

Comment by princessdalmas

ate danica…congratulations…
its a big honor for our family…
god bless…

Comment by alison kaye

wow…danica!! u got baby so work it out..

Comment by lona

We’re so proud of you!

Comment by greggy saliba

i can see beauty campaign for danica..she is a real canvass πŸ™‚ rock the fashion week girl! hoping to see you in Europe catwalk too.

Comment by hanne

stunning filipina made it!! wer so proud of u danica! patunay a ganda ng pinay!

Comment by jojo sanchez

in some angles, she (danica) looks like shu qi!

Comment by arl

Danica has what they call an andgrogynous look…

Comment by Marta

Danica’s look is… interesting. She reminds me of Neytiri of the movie Avatar.

Comment by Avatar

wow!! danica is stunning hoping that she will be busy for nyfw :>> wanna see her as a real supermodel too..

Comment by dyosa11

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