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Hannelore Knuts for Akris S/S 11 by Damien Neva
28 January 2011, 09:38
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Apart from the usage fee, the acclaim, and the sheer nowness of a campaign, advertising offers another unique benefit, namely, the temporary reprieve from fashion’s impermanence. Say wot? The magazine editorial through the strictures of publishing is firmly anchored to a particular issue. That Sølve Sundsbø story was a brilliant shoot, but its sole foray into print at this point remains the December/January 2010-11 issue of Interview. The campaign by contrast sails through myriad publications for the better part of six months. Nikola Jovanovic presides godlike over just about every fashion mag thanks in no small part to the Mert & Marcus Gucci campaigns. No matter the magazine or its circulation the campaign greets readers over and over again in a mesmerizing effort to drive sales. In the grand scheme of things (and fashion) campaigns have a short half-life, but all the same lead a charmed existence before inevitably going out-of-print. The cyclical nature of campaigns also means a steady flood of them in January and July respectively thus making it nigh impossible to to get all of them on this page the moment they surface. No matter, though, we’ll get to almost all of our campaigns…eventually.

So far as the Akris S/S 11 campaign by photographer Steven Klein is concerned that eventually is today. It so happens that Ford’s Hannelore Knuts features for the Swiss luxury brand founded in the early part of the last century by Alice Kriemler-Schoch. Today the company’s design is handled by Albert Kriemler, grandson to Alice, who has done extremely well in maintaining the brand’s commitment to modern design and luxury. To that end the large trapezoidal tote slung over the shoulder of our statuesque Belgian retails for around $5K — glass of milk, optional. Whether it is the first or hundredth time seeing this or any of the other images from the Akris S/S 11 campaign, rest assured, dear reader, it won’t be your last. No matter, however as this page makes no apologies for its love for all things Hannelore. So may this campaign live an enchanted life until summer!

Credits include: Client, Akris; Campaign, S/S 11; Designer, Albert Kriemler; Photography, Steven Klein; Image source, tFS.

Hannelore Knuts for Akris S/S 11 (Photography: Steven Klein)

Hannelore Knuts for Akris S/S 11 (Photography: Steven Klein)

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