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Ford Models Show Package NY F/W 11 by Damien Neva

Late last Friday, minutes before I was to leave the agency for the weekend, a delivery arrived from our uptown office at 57 W 57 St. With less than a fortnight until the F/W 11 show season kicks off in earnest at Lincoln Center, the delivery, an unassuming white box, could be only thing, Ford Vol. II, Paul Rowland‘s second show package of his Ford tenure. Even before Mr. Rowland’s arrival to the agency in March of last year his show packages were always a highlight of any runway season and Ford Vol. II is most certainly no exception. Set on the terrace of the eighteenth floor penthouse of our uptown office amidst the midtown high-rise canyons, each model, I am told by Mr. Rowland, is imagined to be medieval woman set in a 21st century urban environment. To that end styling by Rudy Mance brings to every model’s look a modesty borne of the Middle Ages, which is purposefully at odds with the witchy ferociousness of hair by Dennis Devoy and makeup by Janeen Witherspoon. The interior lining of the show card box as well as the card backs themselves explicitly reference the zodiac in an acknowledgment to the connectedness shared by all inhabitants of the world to the universe. Overall the package is a stunning object and a bold statement of intent for what will surely be an immensely successful F/W 11 show season for Paul Rowland’s Ford.

Please visit to see the complete Ford Models F/W 11 show package, Ford Vol. II.

Ford Vol. II features Karmen Pedaru, Anais Mali, Dafne Cejas, Valerija Kelava, Andie Arthur, Carrie Anne Burton, Rose Cordero, Emily Senko, Misha Ka, Ming Xi, Olivia Gordon, Alana Zimmer, Hannah Noble, Tasha Franken, Paula Klimczak, Simone Carvalho, Elyse Taylor, Sofia Paras Landa, Anne Sophie Monrad, Antonella Graef, Tao Okamoto, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Anna Jagodzinska, Irina Berezina, Julia Saner, Crystal Renn.

Credits include: Publication, Ford Vol. II; Creative direction / photography, Paul Rowland; Styling, Rudy Mance; Hair, Dennis Devoy; Makeup, Janeen Witherspoon; Manicure, Myrdith Leon McCormack, Kristina Konarski; Production, Foundry / Sloan Laurits & Simon Malvindi; Photography assistants, Beatrice Schleyer, Josh Laurits; Makeup assistant, Anna Inglishall; Retouching, Stefanie Berks; Design, Rachel Berks.

Ford Vol. II by Paul Rowland (Photography: c/o Ford Models)

Ford Vol. II by Paul Rowland (Photography: c/o Ford Models)

Anais Mali | Ford Vol. II (Photography: Paul Rowland)

Anais Mali | Ford Vol. II (Photography: Paul Rowland)

Anais Mali | Ford Vol. II (Photography: Paul Rowland)

Anais Mali | Ford Vol. II (Photography: Paul Rowland)

Anais Mali Measurements | Ford Vol. II (Photography: Paul Rowland)

Anais Mali Measurements | Ford Vol. II (Photography: Paul Rowland)

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