Ford Models Blog Relaunches by Damien Neva
28 February 2011, 14:53
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We are proud to introduce to you the all new that includes several exciting cosmetic improvements to the women’s and men’s image boards. One of the first things you will notice is that there is no longer a password requirement to view model portfolios. Whether it’s Anais Mali, Adrien Sahores, or any other model from the image boards, you now are free to page through their newly redesigned books! This open access in part is a response to a nearly insatiable public appetite for the all things Ford Models. In addition to showcasing model portfolios the new also serves as a hub to related sites fordPROJECT, Become a Model, Ford Artists, and the Ford Models Blog.

Chief amongst the user-interface improvements include the ability to scale up or scale down an entire board’s collection of model cards. This gives you the ability to view an entire board at once as well as focus on a handful of cards per screen depending on which way you scale the page. You will also notice a change in typography that was first introduced the other week to many of you through our Twitter avatar. This change brings the site into brand alignment with the physical portfolios carried by our models as well as business cards and stationary now in use by the agency.

Please have a look around the new and let us know what you think of the site by posting below a comment. Thanks.

Damien Neva
Ford Models Blog Editor

Screen shot: Opening card view of Anais Mali (Photography: Steven Meisel)

Screen shot: Opening card view of Anais Mali (Photography: Steven Meisel)

Screen shot: portfolio view of Adrien Sahores (Photography: Kacper Kasprzyk)

Screen shot: portfolio view of Adrien Sahores (Photography: Kacper Kasprzyk)

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Nice change. Any chance that the site will be opened up to include the Women’s board, and the other divisions? There are certainly models like Allaire and Carmen who’s not on the image board but whose work some of us are interested in.

Comment by wwxxy

Yes, the plan is a gradual extension of the new redesigned portfolios/pages to the rest of the divisions and North American offices. Thanks!

Comment by Damien Neva

~revised site is fly!

Comment by reub-envision

It is a lovely change and improvement, easy and fun…I really like it. Go Ford!!!

Comment by syssi

Love the new site. So happy I can view some of my favorite mode’s portfolios. Also, I love the pro-americana/ frontier vibe I’m getting from the intro. Great stuff!

Comment by Hannah

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