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Crystal Renn | StyleCaster March 2011 by Damien Neva

The Monday morning following the restoration of daylight saving time is a dizzying enough experience, but the loss of one hour combined with a triple shot of Crystal Renn editorials was enough to knock me off my feet. Three new editorials in one morning?! Yes! Crystal teamed up with StyleCaster to create an ambitious week-long editorial triptych of videos and still images called “Crystal Renn: Identity” by film and video photographers Dusan Reljin, Cameron Krone, and Jason Last. If that weren’t enough, StyleCaster creative director Emily Finkbinder also interviewed Crystal for a video portrait called “Sans Hesitation.” As I pick up the pieces of this spectacularly shattered morning I am left to admire the gorgeous afterimages in triplicate that will no doubt carry me on high through the end of the week in a style and manner possible from only Crystal Renn.

Please visit StyleCaster to see the complete “Crystal Renn: Identity” three-part editorial and video interview.

Credits include: Publication, StyleCaster; Title, “Surfer: A Fashion Film”; Direction/Photography, Dusan Reljin at Management Artist & Hilde Pettersen Reljin; Director of Photography, Danny Vecchione; Styling, James Worthington DeMolet; Hair, David Von Cannon at Bryan Bantry; Makeup, Frank B at The Wall Group; Manicure, Gina Edwards; Photography assistance, Yoo Sun, Javier Villegas; Styling assistance, Ade Samuel, Alexandra Uhlig.

Publication, StyleCaster; Title, “In Her Skin: A Fashion Editorial”; Photography, Cameron Krone; Styling, James Worthington DeMolet; Hair, Anthony Campbell at Atelier Management; Makeup, Talia Shobrook at Community NYC; Manicure, Martha Fekete at Bryan Bantry; Set Design, Cassia Maher; Photography assistance, Chris Arzt; Styling assistance, Ade Samuel.

Publication, StyleCaster; Title, “Stand By: A Fashion Film”; Direction, Jason Last; Photography, Fabien Montique; Styling, James Worthington DeMolt; Hair, Amy Farid at Kate Ryan; Makeup, Samantha Trinh at Atelier Management; Second Camera, Adam McDaid; Gaffer, Dan Choy Boyar; Grip, Joey D’arco at StyleCaster; Styling assistance, Dee Grossmann at StyleCaster.

Crystal Renn | StyleCaster March 2011 (Photography: Cameron Krone)

Crystal Renn | StyleCaster March 2011 (Photography: Cameron Krone)

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Nice and interesting. One thing I need to ask…Why Crystal constantly says about her weights and how happy she is to be an overweight models, which is fine, but why all her photos are all retouched? In the end what example to you teach to teens and young adults? It is not believable!

Comment by syssi

Nearly all images in fashion are retouched no matter the model size. Like lighting, hair, makeup, and set design, retouching is also integral to the fashion photography and is agnostic when it comes to a model’s size.

Comment by Damien Neva

Beautiful work. Crystal is gorgeous. She is a talented model and an incredibly strong & positive figure for the modeling industry. Crystal Renn could model burlap coveralls, and still make jaws drop. She is That beautiful.

Comment by crimson

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