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On Behalf of Tao Okamoto… by Damien Neva
21 March 2011, 10:21
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Late Friday scans of these handwritten messages in English and Japanese from Tao Okamoto arrived in my inbox. Tao’s message could not have been any more poignant given the grave misfortune that has befallen her native Japan in the wake of the 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami of Friday, 11 March. The ongoing problems with the Fukushima nuclear plant have only exacerbated an already precarious situation. At present Tao is considering her next steps in aiding the recovery effort and would like you to do the same as the need for help is very real and urgent. Without further ado, I share with you an English transcription of Tao Okamoto’s message as well as scans of both letters.

Friends of the world,

When the quake happened I was in Tokyo with my family. We are very used to having earthquakes but I never felt I could die from that.

We turned on the TV and saw [a] much worse, horrible story. We couldn’t believe what was happening not so far from our city. 6900 people died and still missing [are] a million people. And then the nuclear power problem…we are still in fear.

I came back to New York for work obligation but was so sorry for leaving there. But I am now safe here in my New York Home and what I realized here was so many people from all over the world are worrying about us, feeling sorry for us…and that made [me feel] encouraged.

Everybody is donating to Japan. I am searching for ideas [for] what I can do from here, New York.

I want to tell Japan that a lot of people in the world are encouraging us and helping us. We are not alone. So I’d like to ask [for] your help to express the feeling & [so that] we can do something together.

I’d wish to keep in contact with you & share when my dream is organized & planned. It will be a long recovery after the TV cameras & world reporters leave and I want to continue the help. I look forward to our collaboration.

Tao Okamoto

Tao Okamoto's Letter to the World in English (18 March 2011)

Tao Okamoto's Letter to the World in English (18 March 2011)

Tao Okamoto's Letter to the World in Japanese (18 March 2011)

Tao Okamoto's Letter to the World in Japanese (18 March 2011)

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Tao is such a sweetheart, beautiful letter.

Comment by TeeVanity

This is a really touching letter, so pleased to see it all over twitter and other places 🙂

Comment by TeeVanity

Tao is not only a great model but she is a role model as well and for that i admire her more. I offer my prayers to all the victims of this sad tragedy.

Comment by Randy

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