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Ming Xi | Vogue China April 2011 by Damien Neva

Paging through Vogue China is not unlike walking into an art museum full of strangers speaking an unfamiliar language. You could be in Moscow, Athens, or Cairo for all you care, none of the writing makes any sense either. You know you’re in a museum, that those are paintings on the wall, but also that you’re unable to read the wall placards describing the works. Desperate, you search for any words written using the Latin alphabet or perhaps a familiar face in the crowd who might provide guidance. Then you come across a written name that rings a bell…Daniel Jackson, 摄影. Yes, of course, the Dan Jackson who shot Anais Mali and Rose Cordero in Harper’s Bazaar March 2011. You look around the room for some more clues, check your smart phone, then look around some more. Suddenly from behind you feel a hand lightly tap your shoulder and you turn your head. Ahh, of course! It’s Ford’s Ming Xi, who quietly explains everything with a smile… .

Such is the somewhat disorienting experience of paging through Vogue China, the April 2011 issue of which in fact features Ming Xi photographed by Daniel Jackson for a beauty story titled “Dare to Bare.” The little that can be discerned from the portrait is that skin figures prominently — clothing doesn’t play any role whatsoever. The story also features portraits by Paolo Roversi, Hans Feurer, and Liz Collins — not a modest showing for a beauty feature. Advance past page 367 and it once again returns to unfamiliarity. Yes, there a standard product shots also used in the West, but that L’Oreal Paris bottle could be correction fluid for all you know. Anyhow, who cares? Ming Xi was the purpose of this field trip Shanghai and the bits not understood can be left at Magazine Mountain. Please pop over to MDC to see the rest of the spread. 再见.

Credits include: Vogue China April 2011; Title, “Dare to Bare”; Photography, Daniel Jackson; Fashion editor, Tiina Laakkonen; Senior beauty editor, Solo Li; Hair, Esther Langham at Art + Commerce; Makeup, Hannah Murray at Julian Watson Agency; Image source, MDC.

Ming Xi | Vogue China April 2011 (Photography: Daniel Jackson)

Ming Xi | Vogue China April 2011 (Photography: Daniel Jackson)

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this girl is sooo gorgious.. and she just looks like the nice waitress in my favorite cafe 🙂



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