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Sigrid Agren | Self Service N°34 Spring / Summer 2011 by Damien Neva

Digital and film do not compare. An image made on a digital system is not a photograph and an image made on film is a photograph. There’s got to be a point where people stop talking in a photographic vernacular about digital photography but I don’t think that means I have to go around calling myself something different…The two do not compare. — David Sims

Photographer David Sims articulates the difference between digital and film in the above quotation, which was taken from Self Service N°34 Spring / Summer 2011 from a conversation he had with editor in chief and creative director Ezra Petronio. Although both produce images, the digital and film processes couldn’t be more disparate. The latter is a chemical process, the former is not. Light particles refracted from a subject onto a plastic strip coated with an emulsion containing silver halide salts create a uniquely analogous image. This process is accelerated with Polaroid instant film through in situ development, which heightens an intimacy shared between the subject and the resultant photograph. As an object, a Polaroid retains a little bit of the subject’s aura not least by having been present at the moment of creation in a way that a digital copy simply never will. The blurred lines, the soft focus, the chance and imprecision of Polaroids also make the images intangibly richer — more artistic than autopsied.

The sympathies of Self Service on this subject could not be more pronounced than they are in the fifty-page Polaroid-only editorial by Ezra Petronio featuring Ford’s Sigrid Agren. This Polaroid story is a regular fixture of Self Service, which last issue featured Hannelore Knuts. The latest installment, however, appropriately titled “Polaroids by Ezra Petronio,” opens with Sigrid sporting flared-out hair by Didier Malige and wearing an oversize blue and white striped dress by Jil Sander. Sigrid goes on to command the next dozen pages, which include the below look comprised of a beige stretch turtleneck and beige jogging pants, both by Chloé, and clutch by Louis Vuitton. The color’s a bit off, the framing’s a bit crooked, but there is certainly more Sigrid present in these Polaroids than could ever be measured in megapixels.

Credits include: Publication, Self Service Issue N°34 Spring / Summer 2011; Title, “Polaroids by Ezra Petronio”; Photography, Ezra Petronio; Styling, Sabrina Marshall; Hair, Didier Malige at Bryan Bantry for Frédéric Fekkai; Makeup, Lucia Pica at Art Partner; Manicure, Edwige Llorent; Photography assistance, Lydia Gorges, Olivia Alfonso; Styling assistance, Anaïs Bouazzouni, Ray Tetauira; Hair assistance, Richard Blandwell at B4 Agency, Helen Bidart; Makeup assistance, Mayu Yamaji; Image source, Self Service.

Sigrid Agren | Self Service N°34 Spring / Summer 2011 (Photography: Ezra Petronio)

Sigrid Agren | Self Service N°34 Spring / Summer 2011 (Photography: Ezra Petronio)

Sigrid Agren | Self Service N°34 Spring / Summer 2011 (Photography: Ezra Petronio)

Sigrid Agren | Self Service N°34 Spring / Summer 2011 (Photography: Ezra Petronio)

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Sigrid is perfect! I love the face and hair.

Comment by TeeVanity

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