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Ethan James | Huge April 2011 by Damien Neva

Once you step out from underneath the enormous umbrella that is Condé Nast‘s global publication and distribution empire, then the likelihood is slim to nil of encountering a hard copy of a Japanese magazine instead of a slew of images soaking wet from interweb-mediated saturation. In the City, Vogue Nippon can be found almost as readily as its American counterpart. Vogue Hommes Japan, same. It starts to get tricky, however once the publication isn’t owned by the magazine publisher headquartered at 4 Times Square, or for that matter 300 West 57 Street or even 43, quai de Grenelle. Finding Numéro Tokyo is challenging, but not impossible. On the other hand, menswear magazines are all but hopeless to find on newsstands. Until the other week I figured Japanese menswear magazine Huge was nothing more than a huge joke on those of us (OK, us) intent on actually buying and referencing magazines rather than dumbly reblogging Tumblr pictures. But, issue in hand, I’ve discovered Huge is anything but laughable and especially as the April 2011 issue features Ford Men’s Ethan James photographed by Takay. Titled “In Praise of Shadow,” the Tsuyoshi Noguchi-styled story moodily delivers on its adulatory promise by placing the Top 50 Male Model amidst the, you guessed it, shadows. If the details of Ethan’s beshadowed looks described by the tiny Japanese captions draw question marks, then the answers provided by his striking silohouettes should more than suffice. Ethan’s portraits also make a strong case for taking many an April-shower stroll without that Condé brolly.

Credits include: Publication, Huge April 2011 №079; Title, “In Praise of Shadow”; Photography, Takay at Jed Root; Styling, Tsuyoshi Noguchi at Site-lo; Hair, Greg Everingham at Marie France; Makeup, Tatsu Yamanaka at Marie France; Retouching, Yuko Ujiie at Love Re-touch; Edit, Eri Nagahama at EATer; Special thanks, Aurelie+Thuy at Jed Root Europe.

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

Ethan James | Huge April 2011 (Photography: Takay)

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Comment by Lily

this is pretty neat – yay for Ethan!

Comment by TeeVanity

Awesome, this is one of a kind photography very unique…

Comment by Liewilyn Baynosa

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