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Kate King | Dossier Issue 7 2011 by Damien Neva

Dossier, the biannual from Brooklyn that’s printed in Iceland, recently released its seventh issue, which according to editor Katherine Krause and creative director Skye Parrott does not have an official theme save “creativity as a means for social change.” To that end androgyny and, yes, losing one’s virginity loom large in the spring issue, which also includes a fine portrait of Ford’s newest charge, Kate King, photographed by Skye Parrott. The issue’s fashion editorials by nine different creative teams are organized [shuffled? — editor] in one large portfolio, which is a bit confusing, but obviously done as a means to rejigger the existing social order, so it’s cool. The portraits also are shot in basic studios without any props, the net effect of which unifies what might otherwise be a completely formless exercise by nine different photographers. Kate looks resplendent wearing a Heidi Bivens-styled look comprised of an Opening Ceremony dress, Marc Jacobs cardigan, and Dominic Jones earrings. All told, the portrait is a fine cameo for Dossier and whets appetite for what will surely be more Kate King.

Credits include: Publication, Dossier Issue 7 2011; Title, “Fashion”; Photography, Skye Parrott; Styling, Heidi Bivens; Hair, Anthony Nader at Altier for Cutler / Redken; Makeup, Talia Shobrook at Community NYC; Production, Tali Magal at Tali Magal Productions; Casting, Natalie Joos; Photography assistance, Yael Malka; Styling assistance, Amanda Merten; Studio, Fast Ashley’s.

Kate King | Dossier Issue 7 2011 (Photography: Skye Parrott)

Kate King | Dossier Issue 7 2011 (Photography: Skye Parrott)

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Nice Job with your blog Damien, this is class in Dallas man.

Comment by TonyTruax

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