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Ford+ | May 2011 by Damien Neva

It is not uncommon for Ford Models and its various boards to create special promotional material. Seasonal show packages are perhaps the most visible form of this marketing genre, but by no means are the only. Earlier this month Ford+ produced an elegant thirty-page booklet that features a selection of the board including Inga Eriksdottir, Alyona Osmanova, Michelle Olsen, McKenzie Raley, and Leah Kelley photographed by Taghi Naderzad. The chapbook-size promotional has received no small amount of attention and not least from, which featured it late last Friday on their Curvy Blog. The straight forward, unembellished styling of the shoot lends well to highlighting the models’ most marketable asset, their beauty. But, please don’t take me at my word…pop over to to see the entire Ford+ promotional and read what Vogue Italia contributor Nicolette Mason had to say about it. Bellissima!

Credits include: Publication, Ford+ Spring 2011; Type, Promotional; Photography, Taghi Naderzad at Kramer + Kramer; Hair + Makeup, Christie MacCabe at Ford Artists; Production, Maia Holmes at Ford Models; Digital, Jim Lafferty; Photography assistance, Fumie Hopp; Special thanks, The Space Studio.

Ford+ Spring 2011 promo featured on (Photography: Taghi Naderzad)

Ford+ Spring 2011 promo featured on (Photography: Taghi Naderzad)

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