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Speaking with Candice Huffine by Damien Neva

On Wednesday a postage stamp size JPEG made its way onto the interweb prompting nothing less than a deluge of comments. The to-do was for the Vogue Italia Giugno 2011 cover story by Steven Meisel that features Ford+’s Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, and Marquita Pring. With the world clamoring for something, anything connected to this groundbreaking editorial in the vacuum the inevitably precedes the circulation of any major magazine issue, thankfully there has been some respite. As of today the story proper can now be viewed on, Marquita’s harrowing account of how she almost missed the shoot can be read exclusively on Fashionista, and I am proud to say Candice’s response to the story can now be viewed on this page as a part of the Speaking with Ford Models series.

With a nearly nonstop shooting schedule (Ford+ girls work) I was fortunate to spend a few minutes with Candice before she flies to Europe for a fortnight of work. During our conversation Candice recounted the Waldorf Astoria shoot in early April with Steven Meisel, Guido Palau, Pat McGrath, and of course fashion editor Edward Enninful on what was to be his final Vogue Italia cover before beginning his work in earnest at W. The remarkable thing about this editorial as Marquita notes on Fashionista is its utter lack of pretense at not being a set piece of “size” or “color” issue. It just is…and incredibly so as Candice is quick to emphasize, “we can also do [amazing editorial] as well.” No question there. After all not just anyone waltzes into a Steven Meisel cover shoot for Vogue Italia. Then again, as we at Ford have always known, Candice Huffine isn’t just anyone.

Credits include: Publication, Ford Models Blog; Title, “Speaking with Candice Huffine”; Model, Candice Huffine; Division, Ford+; Video, Damien Neva.

Speaking with Candice Huffine / Ford+ (Video: Damien Neva)

Tara Lynn & Candice Huffine | Vogue Italia Giugno 2011 (Photography: Steven Meisel)

Tara Lynn & Candice Huffine | Vogue Italia Giugno 2011 (Photography: Steven Meisel)

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Comment by TeeVanity

Candice is one of my favorite models, she is simply amazing!

Comment by LaCara

She’s so sweet and beautiful! Yay Italian Vogue 🙂

Comment by sara

Candice I love you!!!…xPolito

Comment by eric polito

eres muy bella y quiero dedicarte un poema

“Por una mirada, un mundo;
por una sonrisa, un cielo;
por un beso… ¡Yo no sé
qué te diera por un beso!”


Comment by Marcelo

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