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Ethan James & Ian O’Brien | T Magazine 13 June 2011 by Damien Neva

“Sometimes with fashion, readers just want to see it and love it,” explains T Magazine editor Sally Singer in an interview with LOVE senior editor Murray Healy in Industrie 3, “they don’t want to interpret it too much because it can spoil the magic for them.” Too right, Sally, and the same goes for beauty, specifically men’s, erm, beauty. Grooming is something that is best kept between homme et miroir de salle de bains and should in no way ever enter discussion in mixed company. To that end, Singer’s T Magazine tackles this delicate issue of male grooming during the change of seasons with a little help from Ford Men’s Ethan James (before his new hair cut) and Ian O’Brien who feature in a series by photographer Taea Thale. Ethan is pictured wearing the dramatically applied MenScience TiO2 Sunblock SPF30 in addition to a Barque jacket and adidas SLVR polo. Ian dons a beachy look courtesy of Redken Nature’s Rescue Radiant Sea Spray and a Patrik Ervell jacket and shirt. Having gotten through that Steven Huynh male grooming crash course, there’s only one thing left to do…check out Sarah Jessica Parker‘s look of the moment on T Magazine! No magic to be spoiled there…wait, oh.

Please visit T Magazine online to see the complete eight-part slide series “Making Waves.”

Credits include: T Magazine 13 June 2011; Title, “Making Waves”; Photography, Taea Thale; Fashion editor, Jason Rider; Hair, Andre Gunn at the Wall Group; Grooming, Steven Huynh at the Wall Group; Fashion assistance, Elena Hale, Sam Dumas.

Ethan James | T Magazine 13 June 2011 (Photography: Taea Thale)

Ethan James | T Magazine 13 June 2011 (Photography: Taea Thale)

Ian O'Brien | T Magazine 13 June 2011 (Photography: Taea Thale)

Ian O'Brien | T Magazine 13 June 2011 (Photography: Taea Thale)

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Ethan is gorgeous. Ian is cute nice face bone structure

Comment by syssi

Ethan T_T

Comment by Lil™

I’m so happy Ethan is finally coming into his own! great shot.
Thanks Damien for your lovely work of everything on this blog 🙂

Comment by Ali

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