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Ming Xi | Vogue China August 2011 by Damien Neva

A week ago Paul Rowland hosted an early summer barbecue on behalf of his juggernaut of an image board. High above the din Midtown traffic on the 18th story penthouse terrace at 57 W 57 I was shown something on a smartphone display by the beautiful Ming Xi that has taken a whole seven days and another 30 seconds of interweb research to elucidate. We had been talking about her recent foray into English language microblogging via Twitter at the behest of W fashion and style editor Edward Enninful. What Ming’s phone displayed was her page and its 230K+ fans on what she called the “Chinese Twitter” or what I now have come to recognize as the Chinese microblogging service called Sina Weibo. “Weibo” will ring familiar to tFS regulars as a URL that is frequently watermarked on images of Vogue China that materialize deep in the nether regions of the tFS forums. I learned as much in the span of an aforementioned half minute this morning during my morning press review that included Ming Xi’s Vogue China August 2011 cover by photographer Daniel Jackson that first surfaced on, wait for it, Weibo! Needless to say my appetite has been whetted for the rest of the Jackson cover story, which is a dead certainty to hit Weibo before any Manhattan newsstand…and rightfully so, Ming Xi is the sort of stunning that simply cannot wait.

Credits include: Publication, Vogue China August 2011; Photography, Daniel Jackson; Image source,

Ming Xi | Vogue China August 2011 (Photography: Daniel Jackson)

Ming Xi | Vogue China August 2011 (Photography: Daniel Jackson)

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Fun dress with a cute girl. What more could you want?

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