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Ford Models, founded in 1946 by Eileen and Jerry Ford, is the world’s most prestigious modeling agency representing more than 2500 models globally.

One of the most recognized and respected agencies in the history of modeling, Ford impeccably represents a wide spectrum of models including Anna Jagodzinska, Hanna Gaby Odiele, Tao Okamoto, Rose Cordero, Crystal Renn, Carmen dell’Orefice, Brad Kroenig, Paolo Anchisi, Lars Burmeister, and Adrian Bosch.


Ford has great models!

Comment by Ananda De Jager

I’ll be over the moon if I could be one of them;]]]

Comment by Laura

when will ford models (NYC) host another open call for Boys. my son is age 5

Comment by Rascheda

My God, give the child a break!
Let him get older and see what HE THINKS.

Comment by iamBRANKK

When do Ford Models (NYC) have open calls?

Comment by Gabrielle Kovarie

Do you remember Susan Van Wyck from the late 50’s to early 70’s? When I was a struggling teenager I wrote to her and she would kindly send me a note or card. I once called her at the Agency and even though she was busy, she graciously told me to call her later and gave me her number. I was greaved to find out she had passed away several years ago of cancer. She was a beautiful young woman to model yourself after and that is what I think of when I think of Ford Models. Pure Class and beauty

Comment by pamela huxhold

when will there be an open model call in san francisco ca.?

Comment by sabrina

What can I do to send in pictures of my beautiful daughter or can you tell me the process, please?
Thank you

Comment by Deana

when wil they be an open call on new york?

Comment by paola

What is the best way to test with your models?

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Leticia Valdez

Comment by Leticia

My wife worked for Ford from 1976-1998. We are trying to get copies of some of her work. She worked under the name of Desire.

Comment by allen

I would be over the moon as well! It would be amazing. I wonder when I will find out.

Comment by Lynore


I tried to email my informations and photos for you through your link but it was fail. How can I become your model?


Comment by Princess

How does my 15 year old apply for modeling with Ford? She is 5’6″, and I don’t know if that is an acceptable height. She is super slim and athletic and VERY pretty. Thanks for any responses!

Comment by ajf

im sorry to say but to do any sort of runway 5′ 9″ is a minimum and 5′ 9″ is really in minimum for any high fashion or editorial work but she may have a chance to do more commercial work when they dont care as much about height. Hope this helped

Comment by emily

Can I send my 5 year old daughters pictures in?

Comment by Jessica

I would absolutely kill to be a Ford Model. One day soon for sure.

Comment by nathan

when are there open calls in Atlanta, Ga?

Comment by Anna

Great pictures!

Comment by epe

I love!
What a can do to be a model..representing the FORD ?
I’m brazilian.
Ford is my dream!

Comment by Peterson Mello

I want to be a ford model more then anything im 5′ 9” and my measurements are 33-24-34 what do you suggest I do?

Comment by emily

Go on their website, click the link “become a model” and simply apply. Be sure to have photos ready to post.

Comment by Crystal Smith

I will definitely be one of their models 😀 i will never give up and I’ll make my dream come true 🙂 no matter what ❤

Comment by Britney Bentick

are you hiring at the NY offices? Ive worked at Michael Kors & Calvin Klein before

Comment by miss infamous

Is 5’8 ,to short for runway modeling.

Comment by erica

in my opinion it really is… 5′ 9″ is looked at as a minimum and I have talked to people in the industry who say they wouldnt ever consider anyone shorter. However in commercial modeling they dont care quite as much about height so i would suggest you look into that. Just trying to help

Comment by emily

My cousin Autumn Armstrong was the first youngest person in Elle Magazine. She worked for just about evrybody.

Comment by Abbe

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