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Antonella, Elyse & Veranika | V72 Fall Preview 2011 by Damien Neva

The leopardess may not be able to change her spots, but that’s not to say she cannot further accentuate them with a Christian Louboutin Kathena leopard-print clutch. Come again? Indeed and that is in fact the bold look put forth in the early pages of V72, “The Transformation Issue,” by photographer Gregory Harris and V fashion & marketing editor Catherine Newell-Hason. With no small contribution from Ford’s Antonella Graef, Elyse Taylor, and Veranika Antispava this head-to-total don’t is made an emphatic do. To that end Antonella wears dress and clutch by Salvatore Ferragamo, Elyse wears dress and iPad case by Dolce & Gabbana, and Veranika wears sweater, skirt, clutch by Marc Jacobs and gloves by Carolina Amato. Skin printing by William Lemon using Temptu either adds a cherry or tin lid to the overall look depending on your sartorial persuasion, but in either case Paul Rowland‘s girls keep the absurdity well at bay.

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Credits include: Publication, V72 Fall Preview 2011; Title, “Match Point”; Photography, Gregory Harris; Styling, Catherine Newell-Hanson; Hair, Akinori Shirakawa using Y.S. Park; Makeup, Karan Franjola at Marek and Associates; Skin printing, William Lemon at Bridge Artists using Temptu; Manicure, Rica Romain at See Management using Chanel; Photography assistance, Jake Jones, Michael “Smalls” Marquez; Styling assistance, Louise Hahn; Hair assistance, Tsuyoshi Harada; Makeup, Ai Yokomizo; Location, Fast Ashley’s Studios, Brooklyn; Retouching, The Realness. Image source, V.

Antonella, Elyse & Veranika | V72 Fall Preview 2011 (Photography: Gregory Harris)

Antonella, Elyse & Veranika | V72 Fall Preview 2011 (Photography: Gregory Harris)

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